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Sep & Oct ‘17 Render Farm Software Update Roundup

For the past two months, our developers have been working tirelessly to update our renderBeamer plugin for some of our supported 3d programs. We’re again introducing features and fixes that we have found as well as those that have been requested by our partners.…
11/01/2017/by Ria Gino
Blender Open Movie - Tears of Steel

Blender Beasts Challenge 2017

Hey Blender heads, Now that Blender 2.79 is out, we thought we'd celebrate this pivotal release with a little competition called BLENDER BEASTS. Using Blender 2.79, create a still render of a scene featuring a creature from your favorite monster movie, or…
10/11/2017/by Ria Gino
August render software update

August ‘17 Render Farm Software Update Roundup

Last month has seen a ton of updates for our renderBeamer plugin for some of our supported 3d programs. We've improved plugin stability and introduced some exciting new features we're sure you've been waiting for. Here's a roundup of what our friendly neighborhood developers have been busy with for the month of August:
09/20/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Half a million dollar investment

We put half a million $$$ into cloud rendering

Some Good News for All of Us We've been having a good run so far. Since 2010, we've been growing organically, and at a steady and encouraging pace. From 2 people managing a few computers in a literal garage (hence our name), we've moved up to a 30 strong team…
09/10/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Cinema 4D renderBeamer multi cam rendering

Multi Camera stills in Cinema 4D

We’re excited to announce our latest iteration of our renderBeamer plugin for Cinema 4d, which now facilitates the uploading of scenes with multiple cameras with ease! Using C4d’s stage tag, or the system with the new version of our plugin, you can upload your multi camera scene in one go.
09/07/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Medusa’s hair is making fans see red

Medusa’s hair is making fans see red

Medusa’s hair in the graphic novels relies on the certain effects provided by the artist’s strokes and shading that aren't an accurate representation of the physical properties of real hair. Recreating this with a 3d hair simulation may not play out as gracefully because viewers are now seeing this happening against a real environment.
08/17/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Stories from the Farm

Stories from the Farm Ep. 2: Getting my shi(f)t done

Farming is serious business, but even with all the focus and alertness the job demands, there are the occasional light-hearted conversations that farmers and customers share together, that make it fun and entertaining. This next yarn comes from our very own…
07/27/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
June Render Farm Updates

June Software Updates

Hey there! Our developers here at GarageFarm.NET work tirelessly to make our plugins address any possible need you might have for uploading your project to our render farm. We thought it would be nice to share with you the latest developments that have been…
07/27/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Stories from the Farm Episode.1: Michael “Quick ‘n Dirty” Konopski

Stories from the Farm Ep.1: Michael “Quick ‘n Dirty” Konopski

Render farming is hard work. It requires, patience, determination, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with technical issues and difficult customer relations scenarios that happen simultaneously, and to do it smiling.
05/03/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
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