S4E3 | Gordon Neill - Pandemic games, A.I.+ Art inspirations and experiencing real life 3/3

S4E3 | Gordon Neill - Pandemic games, A.I.+ Art inspirations and experiencing real life 3/3

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In this episode of the CG Talks Podcast (the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics) we are thrilled to interview Gordon Neil host of a podcast called Digital Artcast.

He has interviewed top industry professionals from the game development industry and this time gladly sat on the other side of the mic to talk with us about his journey and experience. Neil is a 3d artist specializing in gamedev currently working for Fabricated Madness on an exciting new project - ‘The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy ’ a new collectible card game using the NFT blockchain technology. Our audience can be sure that today’s episode will be full of crispy stories straight from Gordon’s pouch!

This last part of CG Talk's interview with Gordon Neill (host of Digital Artcast) revolves around the pandemic and how it affected the CGI industry and artists' lives. We also play some little future forecasts of how Artificial Technology might impact the way we work and create. The remote work and lack of off-line meetings, the difficulties as well as opportunities it brought.

Neill also shares his art inspirations from comic book artists including Mike Mignola’sHellboy, Todd McFarlane, and Jim Lee. We discuss the value of traditional art craftsmanship in the age of modern digital tools.

We wonder what the future of digital art will look like with the uncanny valley being conquered on one hand and the widespread trend of stylized animations like ‘Into the Spiderverse’ on the other.

Finally, we dive into the topic of Artificial intelligence tools in digital creative work. Will A.I. deprive all artists of work or is it just another tool in the toolbox? What if all the electricity went out? Neill shares his hobbies and passions that help him keep a healthy balance between the digital space and real life. This can also help improve your artwork.

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