Episode 9: Nodevember procedural magic with Erindale.xyz

In this episode of CG Talks, Marco, DJ and Michal sit down with Erin Woodford of Erindale fame. Erin is an artist, designer and entrepreneur specializing in creating procedural objects and surfaces in Blender. We learn about his discovery of procedural design and the experience he's had on the journey so far.

Erin also demystifies proceduralism and explains how despite the nuances in this workflow calling for a less intuitive or conventionally artistic mindset, it isn't something reserved for people with coding experience or mathematical thinkers.

If you've been curious but apprehensive about learning proceduralism, this episode is for you. Procedural workflows are certainly key for the future of CG so if you want to jump on the bandwagon, it's about time (and lots of fun anyway)! This might just be the thing that motivates you into participating in next year's Nodevember!

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