S4E6 | Louis du Mont - Born to sculpt 3/4

S4E6 | Louis du Mont - Born to sculpt 3/4

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This episode of CG Talks Podcast (The podcast where CG guys talk about computer graphics) is a continuation (part 3 out of 4) of the interview (to see/listen to the previous part here) with Louis du Mont (3d artist, director and founder of a small animation studio ‘Weareformation’  based in London). Louis is also a YouTube tutorials creator who shares his Blender knowledge on his channel: youtube.com/c/mrlouisman. The podcast is hosted by D.J. and Amiel (passionate Blender 3d users)

Main theme of this episode is sculpting. Both digital and traditional. Louis comes from an artistic family. His father Andrew du Mont (http://andrewdumont.co.uk/) is a sculptor creating impressive metal artworks. With this kind of a family background Louis was doomed to become an artist himself (but what a pleasant doom it is) and though starting the career from animation he eventually got into digital sculpting in Z-Brush and later in Blender and Nomad Sculpt as well. The creative freedom that sculpting provided compared to poly modeling was a breath of fresh air in Louis’s pipeline, and once he started using it there was no stopping. Louis explains his sculpting learning path including traditional, digital and even VR sculpting. We also discuss the latest events of Maxon buying Pixologic and Z-Brush and the whole software as service subscription trend. Among those things we also touch upon topics like the value of studying anatomy and studying at universities.

There are plenty of interesting insights in this episode so enjoy,watch,listen and stay tuned for the last part about VR, the pandemic and the metaverse.

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