Jasmine Katatikarn | Illuminating a Career in 3D Animation

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In this bonus episode of CG Talks, Marco is joined by Jasmine Katatikarn, co-founder of the Academy of Animated Art. Jasmine shares insights from her over 20 years of experience as a senior lighting artist at studios like Blue Sky. 

They discuss the nuances of 3D lighting, including shaping, directing the viewer's eye, and creating mood. Jasmine provides perspective on lighting for different scenarios like feature animation vs. VFX. She also gives advice for lighting dark and overcast environments.

The conversation covers her work founding the Academy of Animated Art to fill education gaps and help students achieve industry jobs quicker. Jasmine talks about the Academy's mission to increase diversity by making animation accessible to younger generations.

Additional topics include: leveraging AI as a creative tool, being a lighting generalist with specialization, and expanding opportunities for CG artists outside entertainment. Jasmine offers thoughtful commentary on the state of the industry. Overall, it is an insightful look at CG lighting and education from a veteran artist's viewpoint.

Learn more about the Academy of Animated Art here

Happy listening and happy rendering !

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