Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world

By Sabrina Facchetti

As a 3D artist and designer, I keep browsing and discovering new projects, artists, and concepts that push the boundaries of the digital creative world. This makes me excited and enthusiastic, driving me to become a better artist myself following the lead of those already having an impact. I’m even prouder to see women succeeding and leading avant-garde projects.

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Paola Pinna

One of the first artists that I absolutely think we should keep an eye on is Paola Pinna. She is Italian, like me, and I came across her work mostly on Instagram, which I think can be an incredible source of inspiration, information, contacts, ideas and much more.

Paola Pinna’s work inspired me with its pop and cartoonish style and how her avatars and scenes are expressive and realistic, but they still clearly belong to a comics world where these female heroes can achieve everything and still be cool. Her work and style put her among the most iconic female NFT artists and attract the attention of some of the most important crypto art collectors and also magazines like Vogue.

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 
Paola Pinna’s billboard in Milan taken from the video artwork to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of Adidas Superstars.

The Institute of Digital Fashion - Catty Tay and Leanne Elliot Young

Another all-female digital creator team is The Institute of Digital Fashion founded by Catty Tay and Leanne Elliot Young. 

This duo is doing an incredible job in terms of promoting digital design and sustainability through the metaverse, digital wearables, augmented reality, NFT, promoting web3 connection to sustainability and supporting and helping to design better standards for other creatives. 

They have been revolutionizing the industry since they joined forces and created IoDF, rethinking what luxury fashion could look like as a digital product, reshaping the pre-conceived notions of sustainability practice, addressing how a more sustainable carbon footprint could be designed and achieved but also merging the inspirations that come from different creative fields such as fashion but also art and ultimately technology.

 With their approach and manifesto, Catty and Leanne tried and immediately succeeded in pointing out how the fashion industry sometimes puts a lot of work and waste into action just to create a piece that is going to be worn by a celebrity for only one night. Bringing digital fashion on stages such as the Oscars put right in front of the masses that not only we need to investigate more about the future of fashion but also that we have all the tools available to have a real and tangible impact.

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 

H&M together with The Institute of Digital Fashion conceived, co-designed, and crafted a digital capsule collection for H&M Innovation Metaverse Design Story. Inspired by the convergence of digital and physical themes, the garments themselves explore concepts of digital environmentalism.

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 
Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 
The virtual product offered to the stars on the red carpet of the Fashion Award 2021 in London

Julia Blanc

Another artist that I definitely love is Julia Blanc. Her style for digital fashion and wearables is very distinctive and recognizable. I appreciate how it has a fairy and fantasy feel, yet it is still stylish and cool. Her intergalactic designs evoke a feeling of being in a new world, while still feeling familiar and welcoming. 

Blan’s range in technique is vast and impressive, from texturing to pattern making to experimenting on different projects and ultimately achieving stunning results. Her background and past experiences in the fashion industry where creating multiple prototypes is necessary in order to achieve the perfect result, helped her to push the boundaries even further and involve more people and clients in a much more sustainable approach thanks to the help of technology. 

Working in this direction, especially in fashion design, which is the second most polluting industry in the world, can help to reduce the carbon footprint and head towards a more sustainable direction for production. By optimizing processes and consumption, we can also have a better interaction with customers and better meet their needs and taste. Blanc's dedication to sustainability and innovative approach to digital fashion is inspiring and is paving the way for a more responsible and conscious fashion industry.

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 
Seawave dress from the DiNature collection

Harriet Davey

Harriet Davey is another artist having a huge impact in digital creations with her collection of alien avatars and scenes.

The style, details, mood, and realism of the characters are absolutely impressive and create a bridge between art and gaming while dignifying the role of diverse characters in digital ad campaigns. 

With her army of alien avatars, Harriet is addressing deep and important issues that definitely have been part of our lives lately. Through her gender-fluid avatars, the artist explores her own identity and invites us to think about our own too, how we perceive the world in terms of gender, and magic, allowing us to dream and imagine new universes and parallel worlds and existences, freeing us from the rigidity of some of the constraints we live with and still addressing and working towards a new more sustainable world.

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world 
Image Courtesy of Harriet Davey

Gabriela Cardoso - Studio Acci

Gabriela Cardoso from Studio Acci is definitely another talent to follow. The visuals that the studio creates while promoting more sustainable ways to approach fashion design are stunning. The range of projects the studio works on goes from digital fashion, wearables, and digital twins of garments to accessories, shoes, and digital movies and campaigns, including animations and augmented and virtual reality.

The high level of realism that the studio is achieving with avatars, designs, and textures is definitely shaping the digital world in a way that is also affecting the real world. This is widening the doors for a more sustainable approach and for a new normality.

Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world
Women CGI artists that are shaping the digital world
Digital couture by Studio Acci


This selection of female artists is definitely leaving a mark on both the digital and physical world. I decided to put them together mostly for their mission towards sustainability and more ethical approaches towards fashion, but not only. The fashion industry is for sure one of the most active but also one of the most polluting and unsustainable ones, but it’s also a stage where artists, designers, and models (real or digital ones) can speak their voices and bring deep topics to the forefront of the masses and help design a new world. The future is now!

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