GarageFarm.NET adds GPU rendering solutions to one of their new services

GarageFarm.NET adds GPU rendering solutions to one of their new services

GPU rendering has become more viable as a means of getting renders done faster, and with popular render engines providing GPU rendering capability as part of their feature set, the need to leverage that power over a network is palpable.

This is why we’ve been hard at work integrating GPU nodes into our infrastructure. We’re happy to announce that our GPU render farm is open for business.

We currently support rendering with Redshift for Cinema 4d and Maya, with support for FStorm for 3ds Max, V-Ray RT for 3ds Max and Maya, and Blender Cycles GPU on the way. We’re working to provide solutions for even more software in the future.

We’ve invested in some pretty formidable hardware, and we’re confident that with our new nodes at your disposal, scaling your GPU renders over at our farm will be as rewarding an experience for you as it is for us!

Our GPU nodes are equipped with:8x Tesla K80 cards with 12 GB RAM
Intel V4 40 v. cores with 120GB RAM / 2.00 GHz

Our pricing schemes are the cheapest you’ll ever find, with rates four times lower than that of other solutions. We also offer 3 tiers to help you better manage your expenditures according to your needs at any given situation.

Our plan is as follows:

Low Priority
– ideal for smaller projects (fewer frames) and looser deadlines,
– 0.0025 USD/ OB hour,
– slow turnaround time,
– limited support

Medium Priority
– ideal for large projects with tighter deadlines,
– 0.0038/OB hour,
– medium turnaround time,
– full support

High Priority
– ideal for large projects with inflexible deadlines,
– 0.0050 / per OB hour,
immediate turnaround time,
premium support.

OB hour refers to the commonly used OctaneBench hour unit. It is the product of our server’s benchmark score, the hours spent rendering and the number of nodes used. Our OctaneBench 4 score is 587.95

Besides our hard to beat prices, we also offer generous volume discounts, which provide you with credit bonuses depending on how much you top up.

We accommodate unofficial/daily builds of supported DCCs, and plugins upon request, as well as custom script implementation. Chat in real-time with our wranglers at any hour if you need anything.

There’s one more thing that needs addressing, and it’s not easy to talk about, but we’re all in a pretty tight spot these days. We wish you all the best and hope we can help you render your work in a timely and cost-friendly manner.

Stay strong, and as always, happy rendering from all of us at GarageFarm.NET!

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