CG Talks-EP. 6: Old & New generations in the 3d Industry

Episode 6: Old and new generations in the 3d industry

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In this special episode, DJ introduces Amiel - our young and talented content creator, who does Substance Suite-related tutorials for Garagefarm.NET Academy. With Marco and Andrew taking a short break (no worries they’ll be back soon) we dive into the personal experiences of older and younger generations in the CG industry.

How was it back then when books were still a viable option for learning 3d?

Are the times easier for young artists nowadays? Can plenty be a curse?

With so many people jumping into Blender now, how does it compare to times when doing so was a renegade choice putting you on the outskirts of the mainstream?

Some digressions on where the industry is heading towards are also inevitable.

Will we finally get the ‘perfect’ render button or will the knowledge of how things work still be of high value?

Was PBR shading always a standard, and how to adopt the new when you are used to old ways of working?

Are technical constraints good for creatives or is it better when things happen at a click of a mouse?

Why care about the fundamentals and technical correctness or topology when computers can handle more and more? What does Cyberpunk have to do with all that?

Answers or perhaps even more inspiring questions to ask yourself can be found in this episode of CG Talks - the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics.


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