Episode 12: How to get rich and famous making animation, or die trying - VIVIX Studio

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How can you build a company, find financing and make your big dream animated series project a reality?

Easy, peasy...

First take a part in a worldwide animated project like “Love, death + robots” that made a smashing success on Netflix. The next thing you do is find the perfect business match and team up with the best 3d artists you can find to establish a high-quality animation studio.

Sounds too cocky?

Our special guests in this episode have a lot to tell you on how it can be done (and actually is). Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ilya Kuzyuk (CEO) and Ilya Mozzhukhin (Animation Director) from VIVIX studio.

They met together as a very unusual combination of artistic and business talents to break straight to the first class of ambitious animation projects.

Their dream was clear - to create high-end animation for adults (a whole new generation raised on animation and video games which they are a part of as well).

But why make something great, just for a few people to watch. Their plan was to hit big time from the get-go.

Long animation projects are no peanuts and require a lot of money to make. Ilya Kuzyuk as the business brains of the team based on his rich entrepreneurial experience knew exactly how crucial it is to secure proper financing.

First, they did some contract gigs to raise some money. Achieving some success in that field they quickly realized that doing client jobs takes away their focus and effort from the big goal - which was their own original animation project called Artificial Detective. They decided to search for an investor willing to bet on the project. They knew no one would buy the idea without any substantial pre-production work that could pitch the project.

With the funding they had, they’ve prepared a lot of high-quality concept work (which they agreed to show on-screen to our beloved podcast audience)

In the podcast episode, we also discuss the pros and cons of using Unreal Engine in animation productions and the future of offline rendering. Digressing to topics like remote work and the pandemic, the crucial importance of storytelling or unusual merchandising ideas.

If you are interested in 3d animation, making business with art projects, or just a fan of sci-fi series on Netflix, Disney+, HBO, or other streaming platforms of your choice, you will find this episode insightful and interesting.


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