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In our earlier days, word of GarageFarm.NET was spread throughout the Newtek forums by our happy LightWave 3D customers. Today, support on our LightWave render farm is as tight as ever. Our 24/7 Live Support team is always at the ready, should you need anything more. With our devs working tirelessly at making our plugin better and better, we’ve come a long way in providing an easy, and user-friendly LightWave rendering experience for you, including scenes using Kray for LightWave. Register with us and get $50 worth of starting credit to test our farm, with no need for any financial commitment. Network rendering with LightWave 3D is a breeze here at GarageFarm.NET!

software and features

  • Supported LightWave 3D versions: 11, 2015, 2018, 2019,2020 (including all subversions and the latest updates)
  • Rendering with Lightwave render engine
  • Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges (with step), selected frames
  • Rendering scenes with any type of cached animations (like mdd files, abc caches)
  • Rendering scenes with multiple GI (Radiosity, Lightmap, Final Gather, Photon maps)
  • Full automated integration – scene versioning, assets checking (after upload), scene checking with parsing
  • Choose the render cost appropriate for your budget and your deadline requirements
  • Support for custom buffers
  • Support for the new outputs system (tags, multilayer)
  • GI caching in all available modes & render engines
  • Support for multiple output plugins with any file format for each output
  • Support for all Lightwave external assets like textures, GI maps (including pre-cached GI .lxi files)
  • All external outputs – main with alpha, compositive buffers, EXR trader, PSD image filter plugin, Kray main with alpha, Kray buffers
  • Support for .IES lights (LW internal and DPkits)
  • Support for network drives
  • Support for reverse range
  • Support for DropBox paths

20,000 CPU CORES
64-256 GB RAM

24/7 Service

Real-time support all year
round via
live chat and Skype

RABEL Luxury Home by TechArt

Techart is a multimedia provider of prototyping, print, video and visualization for product development, architecture, advertising and corporate presentations. This project features the exterior of what looks to be a luxury home. Apart from the great design and execution, they have also created an interactive application that takes you on a tour of select parts of the construction. Project rendered in LightWave and Kray at GarageFarm.NET

Posted by Techart on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Cheetos commercial by OP3D

Are you looking for a little snack? Imagine a house full of crispy Cheetos ;) Commercial rendered by OP3D in LightWave at GarageFarm.NET

Posted by GarageFarm.NET Render Farm on Thursday, March 8, 2018
Futuroscope - La Forge Aux Etoiles by Storytellers Agency

Enchanting spot made by Storytellers Agency for Futuroscope an amusement park. The show has been written and directed by Cirque du Soleil. Project rendered in #Lightwave

Posted by GarageFarm.NET Render Farm on March 9, 2018

tutorials and guides

Rendering with LightWave 2018

Great news for LightWave users! New quick tutorial about rendering with LightWave 3D 2018 on our farm. Major updates to our plugin: - support for new outputs system (tags, multilayer) - support for multi-format outputs (every render output can be rendered using a different format) - support for pre-cached radiosity maps (single and multi cached radiosity files) - improved image sequences workflow

Posted by GarageFarm.NET Render Farm on Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Lightwave Buffers Tutorial

Here's a little something for our beloved LightWave users! Create compositing ready renders here on our farm! LightWave 3D

Posted by GarageFarm.NET Render Farm on Monday, January 22, 2018

Get started with our LightWave 3D render farm through this brief tutorial that will help you set up and upload a LightWave scene using a native renderer or Kray to our farm.

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