S4E10 | Brian Kouhi - Blending art and business 3/4

S4E10 | Brian Kouhi - Blending art and business 3/4

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Welcome to CG Talks (The podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics)!

This time our special guest is Bian Kouhi - Toronto-based animator with impressive experience working on big titles like “Paw Patrol” and “Maya and the Three”, founder of 3d Animation Hub YT channel, where he publishes tutorials and all animation related stuff - https://www.youtube.com/c/BrianKouhi Brian is an entrepreneur who has recently launched an animation course/mentoring platform https://www.toanimate.ca/ which aims to jumpstart people's animation careers using Blender. 

This interview hosted by DJ is divided into four parts covering different topics from starting a career in animation, through learning the skills and software to running a tutoring business. 

In this part we talk about business…and art too. Are art and business worlds apart or can you blend them seamlessly into your life? Brian Kouhi seems to be a living proof you can. And probably you should ! Brian tells us how he got interested in managing finances when he got his first serious income.He then used his newly acquired investing knowledge to build a solid plan that could back up his long term goals of independence and being able to work on his own projects.

Brian also shares with us some useful insights about time management to keep a full-time job alongside business development.The sense of control, personal impact and fulfillment that running your own business gives is surely worth a couple of extra hours’ work and some sweat !  

We also talk a bit about the tricky art of balancing the pricing of work and products. Listening to this inspiring conversation that can also give you valuable hints on how to leverage YouTube and on-line community sharing to build an audience and develop your brand. 

Finally Brian reflects on how running a business impacts his artistic skills. Does it have a positive impact on art? Find out by listening to this episode and stay tuned for more !

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