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SketchUp cloud render farm

The union of SketchUp and V-Ray has been one of the most important highlights for both students and professionals of architectural and interior design. SketchUp’s robust and intuitive modeling tools, with V-Ray’s sophisticated rendering toolset, have increased the accessibility of the visualization industry, and have been behind some of the most eye-catching archviz renders to date.

Our SketchUp plugin supports still image rendering, animation, is lightweight, fast and easy to use. It updates automatically on startup, and development is continuous and stays up to date with the newest features introduced to both programs. Now, you can access the cloud without complex setups at an affordable price. Pay for as much as you use, free up your workstation, and speed up the rendering of your projects.

software and features

  • Get access to thousands of CPU cores in the cloud
  • Built-in licensing with no extra cost or installation required
  • Free storage with no caps on project size or upload size
  • Save time and money on workstations upgrades and building expensive infrastructure
  • Send a project to cloud with ease right from SketchUp’s interface
  • Enjoy the assistance of tech support every step of the way
  • Choose the render cost appropriate for your budget and your deadline requirements
  • Render modes available: Single Page, Multi Page, Page animation
  • Our scene smart checker checks your settings and prepares the project for you automatically
  • Use distributed rendering (multiple machines render one frame)
  • Support for render element outputs
  • Support for all GI combinations in V-Ray
  • Support for scalable animation time between pages
  • Supported platforms: SketchUp 2017 - 2021+, V-Ray 3.6 or higher
  • Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 64-bit; Mac OS 10.10 or higher
  • Support for scalable animation time between pages

20,000 CPU CORES
64-256 GB RAM

24/7 Service

Real-time support all year
round via
live chat and Skype

tutorials and guides

single page render

multi page render

page animation render

Every time I used other render services I felt I was in the dark submitting the job. And if something went wrong, too bad, you are alone. GarageFarm offers the chance to have a real-time chat with a person that can really help if anything goes wrong or if I have any doubt about something happening after I submit my work.

- Camilo Veliovich, 3d Generalist at Aparato

Having the burden of maintaining a render farm is not an easy task. It is not something we felt as a small studio we wanted to tackle. We would rather spend our time on making the work and not stressing why something is not rendering properly. There are people there 24/7 to help, and I never have to wait for things to get resolved.

- Dave Greene, creative director at Iamstatic

The quick response from the team and the simplicity of the workflow made the experience very comfortable. The staff responded almost in real time through their chat system and was amazing to work with. Very helpful and patient.

- Saskia Busch, executive producer at Wicked Pixels

One of our good partners (Brick Visuals) mentioned GarageFarm.NET and told us they are very good, fast, helpful, and also have fair pricing. They didn't lie. Working with you was one of the best decisions we made in the past years, thanks to the flexibility and friendliness you showed towards us.

- Gergely Harvath, co-founder of Digital Dust

I cannot give these guys enough props. We had a really short amount of time to get a massive amount of frames rendered. Not knowing anything about render farms I gave GarageFarm a try. From 24/7 support who never worried about answering my silly questions and guiding me through the process to insanely fast rendering time, I loved the experience. The plugin for Maya was so easy to use and the uploader/downloader tool just worked. If I'm not mistaken I think we processed around 32,500 frames in less than 2 days. Use these guys!!!

- Dylan Holshausen, founder of Speak Geek?

Thank you, guys. We have used tons of different render farm services up until now. You are the best among them. Absolutely you guys have the best support team. Thanks for your great assistance and service. We are appreciated.

- Tatu Creative Studios
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