S4E2 | Gordon Neill - Let's talk about art 2/3

S4E2 | Gordon Neill - Let's talk about art 2/3

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In this episode of the CG Talks Podcast (the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics) we are thrilled to interview Gordon Neil host of a podcast called Digital Artcast.

He has interviewed top industry professionals from the game development industry and this time gladly sat on the other side of the mic to talk with us about his journey and experience. Neil is a 3d artist specializing in gamedev currently working for Fabricated Madness on an exciting new project - ‘The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy ’ a new collectible card game using the NFT blockchain technology. Our audience can be sure that today’s episode will be full of crispy stories straight from Gordon’s pouch!

In this second part of the conversation, we focused specifically on the gamedev industry and how Neill got to work as an artist for games. This episode is full of little nuggets of experience that might prove really useful for young aspiring artists who want to go that path. Making a portfolio that stands out, specifically aiming at a company and the type of work they produce is just one of the topics Neill covers.

The interview also goes into tangents like the Metaverse, Unreal Engine 5 Matrix demo, and what it promises for the future of gaming. Are games bad for your health as your parents may tell you? Neil gives us a few reasons to think differently about the impact of gaming on your life.

Finally, Neill reveals a bit about his new job and the game project he's involved in called ‘The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy’ - Doctor Zammsy.

‘Dr.Zammsy’ is a digital card collectible game based on blockchain and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) so we take a minute to discuss that hot and controversial topic as well.

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