S4E7 | Louis du Mont - Around VR & Metaverse 4/4

S4E7 | Louis du Mont - Around VR & Metaverse 4/4

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This episode of CG Talks Podcast (The podcast where CG guys talk about computer graphics) is a continuation (part 3 out of 4) of the interview (to see/listen to the previous part here:...) with Louis du Mont (3d artist, director and founder of a small animation studio ‘Weareformation’  based in London). Louis is also a YouTube tutorials creator who shares his Blender knowledge on his channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/mrlouisman . The podcast is hosted by D.J. and Amiel (passionate Blender 3d users).

This time we talk about the covid pandemic and how it impacted both professional and private life of Louis as well as the CGI industry as a whole.Louis describes his remote working experience and the pros and cons of it. We take a closer look at Great Britain and London particularly (just because Louis is living and working there) and discuss what were the effects of both Brexit and the pandemic to the computer graphics market.

Staying home throughout the lockdowns was surely a good excuse to engage with virtual reality so we took a minute to share our impressions of the latest Unreal 5 Matrix demo. Is the super immersive VR experience something exciting or rather a menace we should dread? Louis is definitely on the optimistic side expecting more opportunities that the new technology provides.We also touch upon the controversy surrounding the NFT trend in digital art space.

There are plenty of interesting insights in this episode so enjoy,watch,listen and stay tuned for the next episodes of CG talks podcast!

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