3D artist insight: Render farms and when to use them

3D artist insight: Render farms and when to use them

As the digital world continues to expand, the demand for high-quality still and animated content is growing at an unprecedented rate. While this is an exciting time for creators, it can also be incredibly stressful due to the pressure of tight deadlines. The solution to this problem is to rely on more powerful tools, but sometimes this is not enough. Even if we have the latest workstation with high-powered processors, we may still encounter issues with deliverables. This is where render farms come in to save the day.

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3D artist insight: Render farms and when to use them
Credit: Murat Sayginer “Pearl”

What are render farms, and where did they come from?

But what exactly are render farms? A render farm is a collection of computers that work together to render images and animations. The concept of render farms originated in July 1990, when the team behind the animated short "The Bored Room" realized that they wouldn't be able to complete the task by the due date. To solve this problem, they filled a room with Compaq 386 computers and used them to render each scene or sequence. The results were then "harvested" and collected on a storage drive before being edited. This process, known as "render farming," was born.

Over the decades, technology has evolved and render farms have become more powerful and efficient. However, even with the latest tools, it can still be challenging to meet tight deadlines and high-quality standards. Enter the online render farm, offering artists the computing power they need to meet client expectations and schedules without having to manage the equipment themselves.

3D artist insight: Render farms and when to use them
Credit: Nabil Ali

What projects need render farms?

For C4D users, a Cinema 4D render farm can be especially beneficial for motion graphics and animation projects. These types of projects often require large amounts of rendering power, and a render farm can improve the quality, efficiency, and scalability of the project. When creating animations or sequences, it's essential to check and create small previews or iterations of the project to ensure everything is on track and animated smoothly. If you find yourself hitting a deadline wall or your GPU is on the brink of explosion, it may be time to consider using a render farm service.

During the creative process, it's also common to periodically submit small or partial previews for an art director or client and since the closer to the final your work in progress is, the more accurately they can provide feedback (in the case of an animation or a movie). It is also otherwise very difficult to ensure everything is okay, and all the details are as they should be. At the latter stage of the process, it becomes more or less clear if the tools we have are going to suffice our needs and allow us to complete the project on time or not. Even though using a cloud render farm can rack up immediate costs, it tends to be the better alternative than having to continuously ask for extensions on a project, straining relationships with clients or directors, and wearing down our processing units.

By doing a simple math operation, especially when it comes to rendering animations or sequences, we can figure out in advance how much time it is going to take to get the job done and hence decide if this is the case or not to search for the help of a render farm service. Assuming that you are creating a one-minute animation with 24 frames per second, the total number of frames that need to be rendered is 1440. If you have a workstation with a powerful GPU, the render time might be around 30 minutes per frame. This means that the total render time for the one-minute animation is 720 hours. If you are facing challenging time constraints and need to deliver the animation in less than a week, this would clearly be an impossible task. However, if you use a render farm service, the render time can be significantly reduced to the time it would take to render a single frame.

3D artist insight: Render farms and when to use them
Credit: Nathan Giordano


Render farms are powerful tools that can help creators meet tight deadlines and produce high-quality animations and images. For Cinema 4D users working on motion graphics projects, render farms can be especially beneficial, improving quality, efficiency, and scalability while freeing artists to focus on the creative process.

When looking for a render farm service, it's important to consider factors such as cost, turnaround time, and the types of projects they can handle. Some render farms specialize in specific software or rendering engines, so it's important to find one that is compatible with your workflow. Additionally, it's important to ensure that the render farm has a good reputation and is known for producing high-quality results.

In addition to improving the quality and efficiency of animation projects, render farms can also be used to improve the realism and complexity of 3D models and environments. For example, they can remove the need to cut corners in favor of render speed, which will make it easier to create realistic lighting and reflections, or add details such as hair and fur to characters. This can be especially useful for projects such as feature films or commercials where high-quality visual effects are required.

Overall, render farms are a valuable tool for any creator looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their work. Whether you're a motion graphic artist, a VFX artist, or a 3D modeler, a render farm can help you produce high-quality results in a timely manner. With the right render farm service, you can focus on the creative process and leave the heavy lifting to the computers.

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