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I’ll third that, Tomek at has pulled the stops out for us on several projects now. He’s a true star, a pleasure to deal with and is very reasonable. Whilst you could buy a couple of render nodes, you have to ask yourself how quick do you want your animations rendered? For us, a farm that can render out a sequence in a day on their 30+ PCs is so much better than having 2 of our own nodes that would render them out in 15 days. And to have 30 nodes just sat idle waiting for a project is a waste. It comes down to how quickly you need your renders doing.

I recomend Garagefarm too. imho best thing is to have enough machines to deal with most jobs, and in my case 10 nodes + 5 workstations (which become nodes by night or during we) are pretty enough. for all other needs i rely on GarageFarm, price are nice and it will always be faster than an internal farm – unless you buy A LOT of machines/blades. Paolo

You can throw pretty much anything at garagefarm and there gear will fly threw the scenes , you are best speaking with tomak one on one and he will advice you best in terms of packaging the scene ” i would assume setting the frames and export the scene via scene package will be sufficient however again speak with garagefarm” as for the actual render that really is artists settings dependant on what version of LW you are using it will differ , best doing a final stage frame render to see what is the best setting for example 5 minutes on your machine might take 20 seconds or quicker on the farm. sorry this is the only advice I can give although I know Garagefarm will pretty much bend over backwards to get your product finished within the deadline they are good service in that regard,

IMike Tosetto ‏@MikeTosetto Jun 5 Sydney, New South Wales Massive shoutout to @GarageFarm for being so awesome on a render job for a new @AGDAnew video. #easy #fast #result