Multi Camera stills in Cinema 4D

Multi Camera stills in Cinema 4D

We’re excited to announce our latest iteration of our renderBeamer plugin for Cinema 4d, which now facilitates the uploading of scenes with multiple cameras with ease! Using C4d’s stage tag, or the system with the new version of our plugin, you can upload your multi camera scene in one go. The plugin takes all your cameras in account, launches them as their own jobs on our Cinema 4D render farm, and outputs each render and all its passes to a separate directory for easy checking!

In addition, beamer can also use Cinema 4d’s tiled camera system to render your high resolution stills, distributing each tile among multiple nodes, rendering them simultaneously, and merging them for you, making hi-res rendering hassle free!

Stage Cinema4D rendering

Stage: upload your Multi Camera setups using the stage tag with renderBeamer for Cinema 4d

Takes Cinema4D Rendering

Takes: use takes to upload Multi Camera scenes with RenderBeamer for Cinema 4d

Tiles Cinema4D Rendering

Tiles: use tiles to render 1 hi-res image on multiple nodes here at GarageFarm.NET with renderBeamer for Cinema 4d

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