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Looking for a World class but affordable Modo render farm? Welcome aboard! Our Modo renderer supports all Foundry’s Modo latest releases, with full support for strip rendering for high resolution still images, pre-cached GI maps, and much more all through our cloud rendering! Our plugin is light, easy to use, and comes with a vrscene exporter, allowing you to perform your Modo rendering here at GarageFarm.NET. Our developers update our plugin regularly to give you an experience as friendly and intuitive as Modo itself!

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Modo Render Farm Features

  • Supported Modo versions: 801 to 16+ including all latest updates
  • Support for emReader cached files
  • NPR kit for 901+
  • Support for pre-cached GI (.LXI) maps
  • Support for group-hidden render outputs
  • Support for network drives
  • Supported plugins: Character box, Tropism, Geo From Curves –
    modo kit
  • Full support for Native renderer and V-Ray 3.5,3.6 and 4.1
  • Vismat assets
  • Animation rendering
  • Full support for render passes
  • Pre cached GI, render elements for V-Ray
  • High res stills rendering in the strips mode
  • Scene checker: versioning, relinking, smart assets check

20,000 CPU CORES
64-256 GB RAM

24/7 Service

Real-time support all year
round via
live chat and Skype

featured projects

The Wooden Theater by Csaba Kiss

This building was built in 1898 and demolished in 1950 because it became dangerous. The final result is a group of 5 images with the title “Never been made postcards…”, and the purpose is to imagine, what would happened if that era didn’t demolish, but modernize this beautiful and extraordinary building. Csaba used Modo 902 and rendered the high resolution images on our render farm.

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Troll Bridge by Snowgum Films

This is Mica, a bridge troll and a very important character in the story. TROLL BRIDGE is a cinematic DISCWORLD adaptation of the short story by Terry Pratchett. Snowgum Films has taken up a taxing task of creating a short film packed with VFX. They needed help with rendering the shots across all of their main assets in the film and extensively worked with our render farm to make it happen.

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Zika Virus by Part to Whole

In this case study we sit down with Brad Baxley, the man behind scientific visualization studio, Part to whole. Brad offers his services to groups working in various fields of research science, and uses MODO to create stunning CG representations of anything from molecules to X-Ray components.

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Every time I used other render services I felt I was in the dark submitting the job. And if something went wrong, too bad, you are alone. GarageFarm offers the chance to have a real-time chat with a person that can really help if anything goes wrong or if I have any doubt about something happening after I submit my work.

- Camilo Veliovich, 3d Generalist at Aparato

Having the burden of maintaining a render farm is not an easy task. It is not something we felt as a small studio we wanted to tackle. We would rather spend our time on making the work and not stressing why something is not rendering properly. There are people there 24/7 to help, and I never have to wait for things to get resolved.

- Dave Greene, creative director at Iamstatic

The quick response from the team and the simplicity of the workflow made the experience very comfortable. The staff responded almost in real time through their chat system and was amazing to work with. Very helpful and patient.

- Saskia Busch, executive producer at Wicked Pixels

One of our good partners (Brick Visuals) mentioned GarageFarm.NET and told us they are very good, fast, helpful, and also have fair pricing. They didn't lie. Working with you was one of the best decisions we made in the past years, thanks to the flexibility and friendliness you showed towards us.

- Gergely Harvath, co-founder of Digital Dust

I cannot give these guys enough props. We had a really short amount of time to get a massive amount of frames rendered. Not knowing anything about render farms I gave GarageFarm a try. From 24/7 support who never worried about answering my silly questions and guiding me through the process to insanely fast rendering time, I loved the experience. The plugin for Maya was so easy to use and the uploader/downloader tool just worked. If I'm not mistaken I think we processed around 32,500 frames in less than 2 days. Use these guys!!!

- Dylan Holshausen, founder of Speak Geek?

Thank you, guys. We have used tons of different render farm services up until now. You are the best among them. Absolutely you guys have the best support team. Thanks for your great assistance and service. We are appreciated.

- Tatu Creative Studios
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