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Our Redshift render farm allows you to upload and manage your projects with ease, thanks to advanced cloud technology. With our intuitive and lightweight plugin, you can submit a .rs scene or any scene directly from Autodesk Maya & 3ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Blender GUI easily and seamlessly. We support all versions of Redshift, experimental builds, Redshift Proxies, Takes system, Tiles rendering and much more. Our plugin is designed to automatically update itself to the latest release. Enjoy hassle free Redshift cloud rendering with us, here at GarageFarm.NET!
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Redshift 2+, 3+, 3.5+ |
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Redshift Render Farm features

supported Redshift renderers, plugins, render modes, and features unique to our service
for Maya
for 3ds Max
for C4D
for Blender

Global features

  • Support for all official releases and builds from lines 2.6.x, 3.x and 3.5.x, including the latest versions
  • Rendering frame sequences (selected frames, ranges also with step) and still shots (availability depends on the DCC)
  • Support for Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Blender via integrated plugin
  • Support for rendering *.rs sequences exported from various DCC’s (Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, Katana) via the Redshift Standalone plugin
  • Rendering on GPU by default, CPU upon request (only from builds 3.5.x)
  • Support for Redshift Proxies with assets used in the proxies
  • Fully automated assets handling in supported DCC’s as well as an integrated asset tracker in the Redshift Standalone plugin that validates asset paths with an option to repath assets
  • Support for Windows, macOS and Linux (availability depends on the DCC; Redshift Standalone only Windows currently)
  • Support for popular, industry-standard plugins used by major DCC’s (


  • Distributed rendering for animations and still shots (also a possibility to select a multi-GPU node up to 8x GPU)
  • Option to change basic render settings from render farm interface - render range, resolution, samples, etc.
  • Rendering using denoisers: OptiX and Altus
  • Support for multiple cameras from a single scene file (only via integrated DCC plugins)


  • All available frame sequence outputs from supported DCC’s
  • Support for AOV’s
25,000 CPU cores
ramp up CPU rendering with Intel V4 176 v. cores and 256GB RAM
500 GPUs
render on GPU nodes with Tesla
P100 and RTX A5000 24GB vRAM
24/7 service
never miss a deadline, render without interruptions any time, any day
24/7 tech support
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Every time I used other render services I felt I was in the dark submitting the job. And if something went wrong, too bad, you are alone. GarageFarm offers the chance to have a real-time chat with a person that can really help if anything goes wrong or if I have any doubt about something happening after I submit my work.

- Camilo Veliovich, 3d Generalist at Aparato

Having the burden of maintaining a render farm is not an easy task. It is not something we felt as a small studio we wanted to tackle. We would rather spend our time on making the work and not stressing why something is not rendering properly. There are people there 24/7 to help, and I never have to wait for things to get resolved.

- Dave Greene, creative director at Iamstatic

The quick response from the team and the simplicity of the workflow made the experience very comfortable. The staff responded almost in real time through their chat system and was amazing to work with. Very helpful and patient.

- Saskia Busch, executive producer at Wicked Pixels

One of our good partners (Brick Visuals) mentioned GarageFarm.NET and told us they are very good, fast, helpful, and also have fair pricing. They didn't lie. Working with you was one of the best decisions we made in the past years, thanks to the flexibility and friendliness you showed towards us.

- Gergely Harvath, co-founder of Digital Dust

I cannot give these guys enough props. We had a really short amount of time to get a massive amount of frames rendered. Not knowing anything about render farms I gave GarageFarm a try. From 24/7 support who never worried about answering my silly questions and guiding me through the process to insanely fast rendering time, I loved the experience. The plugin for Maya was so easy to use and the uploader/downloader tool just worked. If I'm not mistaken I think we processed around 32,500 frames in less than 2 days. Use these guys!!!

- Dylan Holshausen, founder of Speak Geek?

Thank you, guys. We have used tons of different render farm services up until now. You are the best among them. Absolutely you guys have the best support team. Thanks for your great assistance and service. We are appreciated.

- Tatu Creative Studios
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Tutorials & guides

get familiar with our Redshift render farm through tutorials and guides
RenderBeamer: How to install & start up cloud render farm desktop app
Learn how to install and configure the renderBeamer app to get connected with our cloud render farm. RenderBeamer is a proprietary application developed by GarageFarm which it connects your computer and the render farm.
Watch tutorial
RenderBeamer: How to upload projects & download frames from a cloud render farm
Learn how to use the renderBeamer app to upload projects and download frames from our cloud render farm. RenderBeamer is a proprietary application developed by GarageFarm which connects your computer and the render farm.
Watch tutorial


Can I estimate the cost of my project before I commit to the service?

You can get a quick estimate using our cost calculator. Remember though, it’s only an approximation and it only works for animations.

To get a more accurate estimate for animations, we recommend running a few frame test job using a step on the farm. For example, if you have 400 frames in your sequence, and set the frame range to 1to400s20, you will get 20 frames rendered in total. Our system will then calculate the cost estimate for the full range based on those frames rendered.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more frames you render from the range, the more accurate the estimated cost is.

For stills, please render the image in 1/5 resolution or any other smaller resolution. In the case of 1/5 resolution test, the cost of full resolution render will be 25 times bigger than the cost of a test. For example, if you want to render an image in resolution 5000x6000, run a test in 1000x1200 res first. If your test costs $1, then the estimated cost for the full res image should be around $25 (5 x 5 = 25). For a 1/4 test it would be $16 (4 x 4 = 16) and so on.

To dive deeper into the topic of testing we recommend giving this guide a read

What should I do when my scene fails to render or when frames are corrupted?

We have a team of experts that are online and at your disposal at any time of the day 7 days a week. All you need to do is reach out through our live chat. and ask about the job that failed. We will investigate the issue and we'll assist you in finding the cause.

If the cause of the incorrect frames was our system failure, we will offer you a refund or some other form of compensation.

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