Episode 4: Spiders heavier than paint - interview with Vaughan Ling | Heavypoly

In this episode of CG Talks - the podcast where CG guys talk about CG, we are privileged to chat with Vaughan Ling - 3d artist, the teacher also known as Heavypoly. Vaughan, DJ, Marco, and Michał(aka Andrew) discuss Vaughan’s recent app development endeavor with Heavypaint.

An Interview with Vaughan could not go without mentioning his impressive input to Oscar-winning feature film animation “Into the Spiderverse” and other successful projects.

What open source tools like Godot Engine and Blender mean for his workflow?

Can one take an unorthodox path in UI design and succeed?

Is there life for an artist without undo?

Answers to these questions might just be found in this exciting but also laid-back podcast episode.

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If you are into digital painting trying out Heavypaint is a must: https://www.heavypaint.app/

Here you can find and admire the scope of Vaughan’s impressive work: https://www.heavypoly.com/
Check his YT channel for tutorials and chilled Heavypaint livestreams:https://www.youtube.com/user/kakapoopie

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