Episode 10: Deepmotion - future of motion capture

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Attention! There is a nice treat at the end of the podcast for our listeners who want to test out Animate 3D :)

In this episode of CG Talks - the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics we have very special guests - Mr. Kevin He (CEO and founder of Deepmotion Inc.) and their Product Director Mr. Ergin Dervisoglu together with DJ and Amiel they are going to talk about Deepmotion’s new AI-driven motion capture service and the technology behind it.

You will learn how working on World of Warcraft can inspire creative research on how to automate the animation creation process and lead to opening a cutting-edge tech startup.

What is the difference between AI and machine learning? Is AI going to kill us all (or at least take away our jobs)? Is automatic motion capture suitable for professional work? How fast does it develop and can it replace expensive equipment? Can physics simulation be automated? Why did Deepmotion receive an Epic Mega Grant? What about face tracking?

If any of those questions ever crossed your mind or at least seem interesting, have a listen to this episode and you just might find the answers.

Let’s dive into the future of motion capture that is happening now with video-based automatic mo-cap cloud service - Animate 3D by Deepmotion.


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