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Our Blender render farm allows you to monitor and manage your projects with ease, thanks to cloud technology. With our intuitive and lightweight plugin, you can submit your .blend scene easily and seamlessly from within your Blender GUI. We fully support the Cycles, Internal, and Game engines, as well as Chaos Group’s V-Ray for Blender, and continuously work on improving our Blender integration. Our plugin is designed to automatically update itself to the latest release. Enjoy hassle free Blender rendering with us, here at GarageFarm.NET!

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software version & features

Global features:

  • Blender rendering support for versions 2.63 - 2.93+
  • Rendering with engines – Internal, Cycles, Game, V-Ray, Luxcore
  • Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges (with step), and selected frames
  • Rendering scenes with any type of cached animations (like mdd files, particle system cache etc.)
  • Support for non-latin characters as well in scene names as in assets
  • Support for all Blender external assets like textures, GI maps etc.
  • Fully automated integration that includes scene versioning, assets checking, scene checking, relinking
  • Support Ryan Guy plugin (Flip Fluids)

Rendering & GI:

  • Rendering using distributed techniques for every kind of scene
  • Presets & plugin setups for fully animated scenes, camera animated, brute force scenes (including additional switches like camera paths for Irradiance maps & Light caches, baking steps & density, dynamic memory limits, bucket size)
  • Rendering scenes with pre-cached GI
  • Rendering Cycles scenes – Path Tracing and Branched Path Tracing with scene samples settings


  • All available external outputs – main output, Blender multi-layer V-Ray frame buffer, V-Ray Raw image (multilayer EXRs), render layers
  • Saving outputs with custom setups (including prefixes and internal settings)

20,000 CPU CORES
64-256 GB RAM

24/7 Service

Real-time support all year
round via live chat and Skype

GPU rendering on a superserver

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