Render Farm Software updates roundup August - October ‘18

Render Farm Software updates roundup August - October ‘18

Hey Everyone!

Winter is coming, and we’re prepared! Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins for the months of August to October 2018.


  • Mac OS installers are now .dmg files, with additional access to Web Manager, tutorials, guides, and our forum!
  • Low priority has returned for V-Ray jobs!
  • renderBeamer: support for symbolic links, improved handling of mapped network drives, better updating!
  • We have updated our terms of service with changes to data storage regulations!
  • Improved Render Cost Calculator!

Cinema 4d

  • Rebuilt checking procedure – all validations are made before running the UI of the plugin, single prompt for multiple errors introduced
  • Added Render Cost Calculator
  • Plugin logs are now created for every camera/take instance during upload
  • Better handling of scene renaming when using Tiled Mode
  • R20 now supported!
  • Greyscale Gorilla Complete Suite now supported!
Render Farm Software updates roundup Jun-Jul ‘18
Greyscale Gorilla’s Complete Suite

3ds Max

  • Added support for Arnold
  • Improved relinking for Phoenix FD cache assets
  • Optimized handling for Corona
  • Better plugin detection and deployment for Multiscatter and Phoenix FD
  • Improved handling of Phoenix FD caches


  • Optimized handling for referenced scenes
  • Better handling for special characters in stacked asset node names
  • Added support for symlinks/hardlinks instead of copying file assets to reduce scene prep duration and disk usage
  • Better handling of frame number rendering issues by enabling “Ignore when rendering” in render settings
  • Added Render Cost Calculator


  • Render Cost Calculator improved for Mac OS
  • Fixes for issues that would arise from the “Frame Range” setting


  • Added support for negative frame ranges
  • Fixed path length handling for the plugin’s scene preparation procedure


  • New Frames render mode added with support for strips rendering with single frame input, animation rendering with a specified frame range, pre-cached GI
  • Frames mode is dedicated to more advanced users, it’s similar to working with frames – not sketchup pages
  • Added texture checking on startup- prompts will appear before opening the plugin UI
  • Added Render Cost Calculator
  • Improved speed and stability


  • Better sequence relinking
  • Symlink handling (Windows)

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