Episode 3: The enigma of style - what is it, and how can I get one?

Style is the elusive x-factor that every artist hopes to acquire. It trumps technical skill (to an extent) and can skyrocket one into a celebrity! But developing a style isn't straightforward, and can be as elusive as that dream freelance gig you've been hoping for. In this episode, we try to break down what style is and how to attain it naturally.

Show notes:
  • Intro/ on sandwiches
  • Injecting personality in 3d (and in archviz)
  • The computer as a medium- does it make it difficult to express individuality?
  • What parts of a 3d workflow are conducive to the emergence of style
  • Adding your personal touch to photoreal renders
  • Accurately representing a physical environment vs stylizing-when and how?
  • Will you need to adopt a style that's "marketable"?
  • Not obsessing over style and letting it happen naturally
  • Favorite artists the guys follow

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