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GPU rendering has come a long way and now that the new render engines are just as capable as the mainstream CPU powerhouses, creating 3D art, animating, and visualizing is easier and more fun than ever. The advent of GPU computing and the horizons it expanded in the worlds of Computer Graphics also resulted in the need for access to cost-friendly and reliable GPU rendering solutions. That’s why we’re here with our GPU render farm.

Our artist friendly GPU render farm marries thousands of powerful GPU nodes and advanced but simple to use rendering software together to get you through heaviest rendering pain free. All you need to do is submit a scene from within your 3D app interface and watch it render. Got some MoGraph, VFX, Product Visualization or ArchViz scenes to render? Try us out with free starting credit upon registration. Happy rendering!

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get $50 trial credits . no credit card required
$0.0025 / OB hour
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DCC integration

Our plugin is integrated with your 3D application and does all the heavy
lifting for you.

Smart scene check

Our plugin will check your scene, catch
any errors, and prepare the scene for
rendering on the cloud farm.

On Demand rendering

Get hundreds of nodes dedicated to
your project only when you need it and
only for how long you need it.


Artist friendly setup

You don’t need technical knowledge or
IT admin’s help. It’s as easy as installing
a plugin and rendering locally.

Render on CPU & GPU

Our GPU nodes are equipped with 8x
Tesla K80 cards. That’s 3x faster than a
single 1080Ti GPU.

24/7 live chat support

Our tech support is available anytime of
the day 7 days a weel through our
real-time chat and email.

supported plugins

  • X-Particles

  • Turbulence FD

  • RealFlow

  • Anima

  • Easy Rain

  • Greyscalegorilla Complete Suite

  • FumeFX

  • Ornatrix

  • Phoenix

  • Forester

Cinema 4D
R18 - R24,S22+
2017 - 2020
3ds Max
2013 - 2022+
2+ - 3+
1.0.1c - 1.4.2g
2.63 - 2.93+
V-Ray RT
coming soon
* some of plugins may not be listed
* contact us if you have any specific plugin / version requests

workflow overview

Download our renderBeamer application and install the plugin for your DCC.

Locate the renderBeamer plugin in your DCC interface, start it and choose your settings.

Send the project to the farm with all the settings saved and assets included.

When project is uploaded, submit a job to render farm queue and watch it render in real time.

When rendering is finished each frame will automatically download to your computer.

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frequently asked questions

Our GPU nodes are mostly equipped with:

- 8x Tesla K80 12GB / Intel V3 40 v. cores / 120GB RAM / 2.00 GHz / 587 OctaneBench
- 8x Tesla P100 16GB / Intel V4 40 v. cores / 120GB RAM / 2.60 GHz / 1996 OctaneBench

Check out our pricing page for more detailed and latest info about node specs.

The price you pay depends on the render times of your frames and the priority you choose. We use OctaneBench per hour as a unit of price and our rates are as follows:

$0.0025 per OBh (~$1.5 / hour) on Low
$0.0038 per OBh (~$2.25 / hour) on Medium
$0.0050 per OBh (~$3.00 / hour) on High

Please visit our pricing page to learn more. You can also use our Cost Calculator to get a render cost estimate.

Make sure the scene is free of missing assets. Other than that all you need to do is to set your frame range, output, Render Engine and save the scene just like when rendering locally. Our plugin will collect all the assets and scene settings automatically and will prepare the package for upload.

We don’t impose any limits on projects uploaded to our farm. You can upload anything between a few MBs to hundreds of GBs. Our infrastructure and software are designed to handle large and complex projects while always sustaining performance.

We support all common output formats. Please keep in mind that we render to frames (not video) so any kind of video formats like .mov set as output aren’t directly supported. To render the frames to video, you can use our dedicated “convert to video” feature which will take all the frames you rendered on the farm and merge them into a desired video output.

You pay for render time, and only for as much as you use. We charge per minute of use and there’s no effective minimum charge. You can pay as little as $1 if that’s all your scene needs to render.

We support Redshift for Cinema 4D, Maya, and 3ds Max; Cycles for Blender; FStorm for 3ds Max; ProRender for Cinema 4d, Maya, 3ds, and Blender.

Octane Render is not supported on our render farm. We encourage you to check out our GPU server rentals service called Xesktop. You can get access to powerful rendering machines with 10x 1080Ti and 8x V100 via Remote Desktop.

For more details and the latest info check our supported apps page.

Once you have an account, you’ll need to download and install our application that comes with plugins. After installing the plugin for your 3D program, you will be able to prepare and upload your project to our farm right from your DCC’s interface.

Each frame that completes rendering is downloaded automatically to a folder on your local drive through our app called renderBeamer. As long as our app is running the frames should download right away. As an alternative, you can use an FTP client app to access the storage on the farm.

You will get access to farm monitoring tools i.e. real-time progress, frames previews, resource usage, and render logs. Our tools will help you identify and troubleshoot potential errors as they occur. In addition, you will get access to our tech support through a live chat available 24/7.

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