Episode 1: Gordon Neill - Digital Artcast's guide to working in gamedev 1/3

Episode 1: Gordon Neill - Digital Artcast's guide to working in gamedev 1/3

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In this episode of the CG Talks Podcast (the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics) we are thrilled to interview Gordon Neil host of a podcast called Digital Artcast.

He has interviewed top industry professionals from the game development industry and this time gladly sat on the other side of the mic to talk with us about his journey and experience. Neil is a 3d artist specializing in gamedev currently working for Fabricated Madness on an exciting new project - ‘The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy ’ a new collectible card game using the NFT blockchain technology. Our audience can be sure that today’s episode will be full of crispy stories straight from Gordon’s pouch!

In the first part of the conversation, Neil tells us his story of how he became a digital artist starting from a totally different career (literally ‘working on the railway’) and giving a courageous leap of faith to pursue his dreams of making games he loved to play as a kid.

Neill describes a memorable turning point story when he got back home from a wrecking shift fixing the railway stuff outside. Scotland’s rough weather has taken its toll and it was just enough to help Neil realize this was not how he wanted his life to go on and he made the decision to change.

Along the way, he started the Digital Artcast - which gradually became a fast train to industry networking as well as his personal and professional landmark. All this story came to fruition with numerous ups and downs. Neil openly talks about his struggles and how eventually they led to some unexpected success. Though many podcasts appear in space and quickly disappear, this was not the case with Digital Artcast.

Relax and listen to Neil Gordon’s inspiring story. It clearly shows that devotion, humility, and true passion with a dose of persistence is a great recipe for success.

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