Software updates roundup May '20

Software updates roundup May '20

Hey Everyone!

Are you curious about what happened on our render farm recently? Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins in May 2020.


  • Improved selection model for download tab. Now users can select files to download in a similar way as in any file browser apps (selecting files with ctrl/cmd, multi-selection with a shift, and so on).
  • Added auto-submit for Terragen.
  • Added auto-submit “add as paused” option.
  • Fixed Roboto font issue.
  • Changed update order.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters encoding in filenames on macOS.
  • Updated Web Manager host.

renderBeamer – auto-submit tutorial!

The Auto-submit feature is a great way to improve rendering workflow with our farm.
What does this feature actually do? It reduces the process of adding a render job to just one click!

Web Manager

  • Added gamma correction switch to 3ds Max. Now you can override gamma settings prepared in your scene directly on Web Manager.
  • Changes in the FRP parameter (FramesPerRender/Execution) when using any kind of “strips/regions” modes. FPR with strips is now set to 1. That means every strip/region is forced to render on a separate render node, which makes all distributed hi-res still rendering even faster.
  • Changes in render bucket settings for CPU/GPU rendering. Now we offer different bucket distribution settings that depend on the rendering device selected.
  • Changes in Redshift renderer (3dsMax/Maya/Cinema4D) controls. Now FPR is automatically set to 5. You can override this setting with any value between 1-50.
  • Blender rendering now supports the most commonly used render settings directly on Web Manager! You can switch between all available render engines & rendering devices (CPU/GPU). Also, bucket rendering settings are updated.
  • Fixed issue with Modo file names and unsupported characters. Now Web Manager will automatically change all unsupported characters to _ sign.

3ds Max

  • Fixed issue with empty asset path changed to MD5 naming.
  • Fixed issues with Ornatrix cache.
  • Fixed issue with unsupported characters used in the renderBeamer temp folder.
  • Fixed issue with the too-long file path.
  • Continue on error is now always enabled for Redshift renderer.
  • Improved handling of Anima errors.
  • Added prompts and more accurate information about changing GI engines.

LightWave 3D

  • LightWave 3D 2020.0 is now supported on our farm!
  • Fixed issues with multi-sequences assets.
lightwave 2020 logo, render farm update


  • Fixed issues with Chinese characters used as assets paths.
  • The tiled mode is blocked in Corona render when camera projection is used.
  • GorillaCam plugin is now listed in .gfs.


  • Under the hood improvements for 6+ versions.


  • Fixed issues with .gfs file creation.


  • Fixed issue with relinking POP files.

Xesktop – updates in our GPU rental service

For those who use our servers for rent in the Xesktop cloud, we also have good news, a new server update has been released – OpenGL RDP!

We equipped our newest mother with the Nvidia patch that allows OpenGL acceleration while using RDP. This is excellent news for users of Blender, Modo, Unreal Engine, Houdini, and other software that suffered a lack of GPU acceleration with RDP connection!

Please note: this fix works only on 1080Ti-equipped machines.

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