S4E4 | Louis du Mont - Forming an indie 3d studio 1/4

S4E4 | Louis du Mont - Forming an indie 3d studio 1/4

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In this episode of CG Talks Podcast (The podcast where CG guys talk about computer graphics) our very special guest is mr. Louis du Mont (independent digital 3d artist, director and founder of a small boutique animation studio ‘Weareformation’ based in London. Louis is also a YouTube tutorials creator who shares his Blender knowledge on his channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/mrlouisman

This is the first part of a 4 part interview hosted by D.J. and Amiel (both passionate Blender users). We start with Louis du Mont’s origin story. How he got interested in art and particularly 3d graphics. Louis is a man of many talents and has always been a curious and passionate artist as well as a technology geek eager to test new stuff. We discuss the art of animation and the new stylized animation trends of movies like ‘Into the Spiderverse’ or ‘Final Fantasy’.

We also discuss the business side of running a small studio. Artists often find it hard to tackle both the artistic and business approach of 3d graphics. Louis who teamed up with a friend forming(nomen omen) ‘Weareformation’ seems to have found a sweet spot on that issue. Louis shares with us how he approaches picking jobs to take and what are the benefits of having a studio company over being a single freelancer. While being your own boss has some responsibility and cost, it surely has the advantage of having more decisive and personal influence on what you create.

There is plenty of interesting insights in this episode so enjoy,watch, listen  and stay tuned for the next parts where we talk about 3d softwares,blender, z-brush, sculpting, VR and the metaverse.

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