Substance of texturing

Episode 9: Substance of texturing - interview with Amiel Goco

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In this episode of CG Talks DJ and Andrew interview Amiel, our GarageFarm.NET team Substance specialist, and content creator.

We learn about the simplicity and also the huge power of Substance, and get valuable tips on how to get started and create CG materials like a pro.

On top of that, we learn why you shouldn't keep your works on your HDD even if you think they are not good enough and why Amiel considers himself rather a technical guy than an artist.


- Substance Painter
- Subtance Designer
- Substance Alchemist
- Ambient occlusion
- Zbursh
- Iray , 3d view Substance Painter
- Sbar file and other formats
- Blender mask tools
- Quixel Mixer
- ArmorPaint
- Wes McDermott
- Smart materials
- Substance baking maps
- WSD Gaming
- Pbr validation
- Voronoi texture
- Photogrammetry
- Houdini
- Daniel Thiger Marmoset tutorial
- Corridor Crew Terminator 2 remake
- Avid  
- Davinci resolve
- Tablet and substance
- Tips for painter Amiel tutorial
- Vertex painting decals blender
- Luxcore render seamless textures
- Corona seamless textures
- Substance animated textures
- Exporting maps in different resolutions

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