About GarageFarm.NET

Who are we?

We are a small team of technology and 3d enthusiasts who one day after years of painful and dreadful experience with render farms decided to start our own farm – right in our garage.

When we started back in 2010, we were a team of two, Tomek and Minhee. At the moment (as of 2020), we are a team of 45.

We strongly believe that CG artists should be focusing entirely on creating art and shouldn’t worry about render times and waiting for the rendering to finish.

What do we do?

We’ve built our own cloud render farm and we make sure your rendering needs are met.

Stuff we do well:
- We make our customers happy
- We are there for them 24/7
- We give great technical support
- We support all major 3D apps in the market
- We are responsive to our customers’ needs
- We are affordable, in majority of cases we will be cheaper than AWS/Google and having your rendering farm locally
- We put technology to work and we like to take great care of it
- We provide a healthy balance of automated workflows combined with human support
- We always strive for better

Most of all, we care.

Why do we do this?

We are 3D artists ourselves and we had been through the rendering process countless number of times and, believe us, it was never pleasant! None of the farms available out there at the time were up to the task on multiple fronts.

Therefore, we created our own render farm service that not only works great for all the artists out there but also is appropriately priced.

GarageFarm.NET Team

Company Director

Tomek The Eagle Eye. He tries to make sure that everything is working correctly from a bird’s eye view, making sure that the team never loses the big picture. Like an owl, he likes to spend whole nights up reading books about all sorts of exciting stuff and even the occasional novel.

Tomek, Company Director-Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Company Co-Founder

Minhee entered the 3D industry in 2010 as a 3D character animator, but she started working for GarageFarm with Tomek in the same year. Currently, she lives in Australia and works mainly in dealing with Korean customers.

Minhee, Company Co-Founder - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm


Marek is the CFO with a solid finance and banking background. He takes care of the accounting and financial wellbeing of the company. When not absorbed with numbers, he is an avid SciFi reader.

Marek, CFO - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Operations Director

Lucas likes organizing things and making sure tasks move forward efficiently. He’s a perfectionist and someone who deeply cares about little details (all too much). He brings the team together and ensures the project’s goals are met in a timely manner. He has a good eye for aesthetics which often comes handy when tweaking UI and UX of the product. All the running he does gives him unlimited reserves of energy.

Lucas, Operations Director - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

HR & Operations

Artur - HR and also works in Operations, doing processes improvements, proofreads, and quality checks. In his free time, he studies history and plays FIFA.

Artur, HR & Operations - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Product Development Supervisor

Michał has been an engineer, computer scientist, and computer graphic designer for 21 years, working at first with Amiga, then PC, and now macOS. He works in 3d Studio, LightWave, and Cinema4D. His specialization is in progressive rendering 3d engines and V-Ray. He is experienced in designing and implementing plugins for 3d applications in a distributed network environment. Privately, he is Olive's father and an enthusiast of old Japanese cars.

Michal, Product Development Supervisor - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

IT Software Manager

Tomasz loves computers (he hates some particular operating systems, but that's another story). His CDO (OCD alphabetically) allows him to drive the effects of his work to near perfection. His task in GarageFarm is to keep servers and services running as smoothly as customers would like to. A Private computer history enthusiast, he owns a decent collection of vintage computers (some of which he has grown up on, like the C64 and Amiga). He also likes driving and admiring (and fixing, whichever comes first) American cars.

Tomasz, IT Software Manager-Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

IT Hardware Specialist

Adrian takes care of our hardware from monitoring and maintaining servers to building our data center. He makes sure everything works as it should and really likes this job! His private interests include travel, music, cars, and dogs.

Adrian, IT Hardware Specialist - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Software Engineer

Michael is a software engineer, working on developing new features and fixing bugs in our plugins. His main skills are C++ and Python. He enjoys playing around with Data Science and artificial intelligence. Living near the Tatra Mountains allowed him to become passionate about climbing and mountaineering.

Software Developer

Darek thinks in Java every morning when he opens his eyes. Even when he sleeps the metaphorical light bulb appears over his head, which represents a new software solution in his mind. He immediately wakes up to code it. In his free time, Darek jumps on a mountain bike, but keeps thinking in Java.

Darek, Software Developer - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Python Developer

Paweł is a 3D artist at heart, with brains for coding and problem-solving. He is a veteran in the 3D field. He’s a generalist with over a decade of professional experience under his belt. He is well versed in modeling, lighting, rendering, and compositing, and his 3D weapon of choice is 3ds Max. He likes to combine the 3D skills with his passion for music and to find ways to turn those two worlds into magical experiences through sound mixing and video editing. When not nerding out on new technologies and building virtual worlds, Pawel enjoys bike rides and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Python Developer

Mateusz has been a lover of computers and new technologies since childhood. He started learning programming from BASIC on Commodore 64, later Pascal, C/C++ until Python became his favorite programming language. Challenges and problem-solving are what he likes to do most.

Mateusz, Python Developer - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Python Developer

Jan is a python developer experienced in 3D modeling. He started his journey with coding in high school, which happened to have a 3D printer on-site, and that pushed him towards 3D modeling. In his free time, he enjoys working on his DIY projects that connect his passions for coding, 3D modeling, and working with electronics.

Web Developer

Arkadiusz is responsible for maintaining and developing the company's websites and web applications. As a computer science engineer, he's well versed in both frontend and backend. He's already worked in technologies such as JS (JQuery, React) and PHP, including Laravel, as well as C#, Java, and databases. Besides programming, he loves exploring the world, hitchhiking, as well as filming and live-streaming.

SEO Specialist

Kenneth is a digital marketing specialist by profession, with a strong focus on SEO and Analytics. He has helped companies grow their organic traffic and attract visitors from different digital marketing channels. He has a strong background in programming thanks to his degree in Computer Science, loves creating, tinkering, and growing websites.

SEO Specialist

Jason is an SEO specialist who has been immersed in SEO since 2012 and has made quite a living from ranking sites. He's heavily involved in our site's organic search performance to help us reach the right audience by using the right keywords right in the top results. Outside of SEO, he's a girl-dad, coffee fan, and loves reading manga.

3D Content Creator

DJ is an interior designer by education and a CG artist by heart. Whether tackling photorealistic archviz imagery or experimenting with other 3D creations he always strives to achieve top quality. In between these ventures he shares his acquired knowledge with the 3D community via YouTube tutorials. Besides his job, he's a husband, a father, a rock star in slippers… He also loves Tolkien and sketching with ink.

DJ, 3D Content Creator - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

3D Content Creator / Copywriter

Marco has had the pleasure of working with the product and wrangling teams of Garagefarm.NET in the past and currently helps with Marketing and Content. He enjoys a variety of diversions which include playing musical instruments, painting, and throwing sharp objects at chunks of wood.

Marco, Marketing Specialist/ Copywriter - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Support Manager / Render Supervisor

Martin is a member of the support team and its manager. He tries to make sure that all customers are taken care of and are content with the received help. There are no issues that cannot be resolved for him, and he always seeks an optimal solution. He is passionate about 3D and CG coffee, and is a music freak. His hobbies follow his DIY philosophy on various topics (electronics, 3D printing, automation).

Martin, Support Manager / Render Supervisor - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Support Specialist / Render Wrangler

Artur was once a graphic designer coming from the 3ds Max environment, fascinated by the world of 3D. Now, as a wrangler, he helps customers with all kinds of problems, and keeps the render queue as efficient as possible. Besides computer stuff, he likes history and science, mountain trekking, and distant travels.

Artur, Support Specialist / Render Wrangler - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Support Specialist / Render Wrangler

Karolina starts her day with yoga, which gives her extra power to support customers. She found her love for technology and architecture in interior modeling in 3ds Max and Blender. Before going to bed, instead of reading a book, she paints portraits on the iPad.

Support Specialist / Render Wrangler

Robert is a bullseye wrangler. As a Walker, he keeps an eye on every rendering process on the farm and does his best to meet customers' expectations. Clean rendering still shots are his hobby and specialty. When the work is done he enjoys tennis, riding a bike, and fast cars.

Robert, Support Specialist / Render Wrangler-GarageFarm.NET Render Farm

Support Specialist / Render Wrangler

Adam, with his scientific background and engineering insight, can easily spot the weak points and fix broken things. When he's not working on customer scenes, he enjoys wandering through the wilderness or watching quantum mechanics lectures.

Support Specialist / Render Wrangler

Rafał is a member of customer support and works on developing the functionality of our applications. He thrives around in 3D  and Motion Capture technology. After work, he’s constantly in motion and looking for sports challenges, and can most often be found running or wandering in the mountains.

Rafal, Support Specialist / Render Wrangler - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Support Specialist / Render Wrangler

Jorge is an archviz enthusiast with an architecture background, constantly seeking professional challenges in diverse branches. On the one hand, he spends most of his free time playing 90s video games, traveling (or planning trips), watching horror movies, and reading about technology, cosmos, and art overall; on the other hand, he’s a Metal music freak as well as a football fan, especially devoted to Atlético de Madrid and Chivas. As he thinks in monochromatic, he portraits in colors.

Business Development Specialist (Japan)

Keiko is in charge of the Japanese market to provide localization, marketing service, and customer support. Over 8 years of experience from her time spent on creative projects as a Creator and Project manager in the digital content industry helps her to research the market widely and understand the customers' needs. In her free time, she loves drawing manga, watching Japanese anime, comics, and playing games.

Business Development Specialist (Korea)

Eve is in charge of marketing communications, translations, and localization for our Korean customers. She’s a mum of two lovely children and loves reading Nordic thriller novels, watching movies. She likes getting to know new people and is mostly optimistic about work or life. Eve is a truly big fan of traveling around the world.

Junior Marketing Generalist

As a part of the marketing team, Oksana is responsible for communications and customer case studies. She believes that the secret of effective communication is advanced planning, deep research, and trying to understand people. Oksana is passionate about learning foreign languages and that’s what she enjoys doing in her free time, as well as watching series and traveling to new places. 

Social Media Specialist

Iwona is responsible for creating social media campaigns and the day-to-day management of the company’s social media profiles. She strives to craft social media posts with the goal of providing valuable content to our audience. Whenever she's not working she enjoys her rather original passions like cosplay, mermaiding, and post-apocalyptic festivals.

Iwona, Marketing Project Manager - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm

Accountant assistant

Iga takes care of the company's bookkeeping. She tried to avoid her settling in accountancy by taking her master's degree in physiotherapy. Still, she couldn't fool her genes when a considerable part of her family work as accountants. She keeps trying to prove that she's not all about the numbers - you can find her performing on the stage as an actress, reading a lot of fantasy books, or doing her yoga routine.

Iga, Accountant assistant - Garagefarm.NET Render Farm
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