S4E11 | Brian Kouhi - Bender vs Maya as animation industry deathmatch 4/4

S4E11 | Brian Kouhi - Bender vs Maya as animation industry deathmatch 4/4

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Welcome to CG Talks (The podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics) !

This time our special guest is Bian Kouhi - Toronto-based animator with impressive experience working on big titles like “Paw Patrol” and “Maya and the Three”, founder of 3d Animation Hub YT channel, where he publishes tutorials and all animation related stuff - https://www.youtube.com/c/BrianKouhi Brian is an entrepreneur who has recently launched an animation course/mentoring platform https://www.toanimate.ca/ which aims to jumpstart people's animation careers using Blender. 

This interview hosted by DJ is divided into four parts covering different topics from starting a career in animation, through learning the skills and software to running a tutoring business. 

In the fourth and last part of this interview we dive into the ever-hot topic of 3d software comparisons.Maya being the long time leader and Blender the underdog claiming to replace the king now or in the future. Battle for the crown of ‘the industry standard’ always heats up internet comment sections of the CGI community and Brian Kouhi has a very unique position to take part in the discussion (or flamewar it is ?). He has been using both Maya and Blender in high end animation, so when he talks about it, he speaks from the perspective of real industry experience. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the animation software deathmatch of the year ! 

Among many things we talked about in the interview are: 

  • Where Blender shines and where it still lacks
  • The grease pencil and its potential for stylized animation
  • ‘Maya and the Three’ production (and a little insight on Tangent Animation shutdown)
  • How should Blender be fixed (in the eyes of an animator)
  • Animation for film vs animation for video games

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