S4E8 | Brian Kouhi - How to start an animation career? 1/4

S4E8 | Brian Kouhi - How to start an animation career? 1/4

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In this episode of CG Talks (the podcast where CG guys talk about computergraphics) our special guest is Bian Kouhi - Toronto based animator with impressiveexperience working on big titles like “Paw Patrol” and “Maya and theThree”, founderof 3d Animation Hub YT channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/BrianKouhi) where hepublishes tutorials and all animation related stuff. Brian is also an entrepreneur whohas recently launched an animation course/mentoring platform ToAnimate.ca whichaims to jumpstart peoples animation careers using Blender.

The interview hosted by DJ (3d artist/Blenderhead) is divided into four partscovering different topics from starting a career in animation, through learning theskills and software to running a tutoring business.

The first part is dedicated to Brian Kouhi’s story of jumping into the animationindustry, getting education and the lessons he learned back then. We get to know aninspiring story of a young but very ambitious immigrant from Iran to Canada forging asuccessful career in animation. We hope this conversation will give you a newperspective on how to start an animator’s career and how to do it really well.

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