3D Workflow

Episode 5: Your favourite part of the 3D workflow is...?

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In this episode of CG Talks DJ and Marco discuss the stuff they enjoy most in the whole 3d workflow. While everyone seems to hate UV unwrapping, it is not that obvious what actually is the most fun and satisfying thing to do in the vast 3d graphics world. Modeling, sculpting, scene layout or lighting, or just obsessively tweaking the render settings parameters - it is all up to one's tastes and preferences. Marco and DJ are giving their utterly biased and subjective opinions on that issue while digressing about lots of useful and interesting stuff for CG artists worth checking out. Starting off with comparing their experiences with different software like 3dsMax and Cinema4d and comparing them with their Blender fanboyism - struggling hard for staying objective with an inevitable blender cultist final conclusion that they just love Blender 3d. Non-Blender users do not get discouraged! - this can be a unique opportunity of understanding the mind of a blenderhead...After all 3d creation is software agnostic. Does lookdev and lighting give you shivers as they do to DJ? Do you agree with Marco that physics simulations can drive you mad unless you are the zen master? Give a listen to the podcast and share your thoughts in the comments. Discussing favourite actions in 3d is a great reason to sidetrack into other topics such as how great it is to live today as a 3d artist with AI tech and other conveniences at hand.

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