S4E13 | Fabio Palvelli - Do your thing and don't be afraid to fail 2/2

S4E13 | Fabio Palvelli - Do your thing and don't be afraid to fail 2/2

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In this episode of CG Talks (the podcast where CG guys talk about computer graphics) we continue the interview with Fabio Palvelli - a 3D artist, business consultant and YouTuber, Founder of the famous D2 Conference (first for archviz and now for all digital artists). Fabio is also known for his positive attitude (especially towards dogs, pizza and Nutella but life in general too) and he became one of the early adopters in the emerging NFT digital art scene.

In this part we focus on Fabio’s art and his personal goals and experiences. Fabio talks about his love of color and his spark to create art for joy. Fabio tells us about his everyday render challenge (similar to Beeple’s) that he does to stay creative and inspired (regardless of external approval). The conversation revolves around what drives Fabio’s creativity and what he loves the most about art. We share some inspirations from modern and contemporary art world including Kazimir Malevich, Peter Tarka (https://petertarka.com/) and  Harry Pack (https://www.harrypackart.com/)

Fabio has always been a community man (just to mention his D2 conference roots) so he is open to collaborations. DJ asks him about the collabs he already did and he would wish (or dream) for the future.

We also touch upon his shift from using Cinema 4d to Blender. Fabio shares what he loves about the new software and mentions what he misses from C4D (particularly the mograph)

We covered a lot about the NFT space in the previous part but we conclude the whole interview with Fabio’s NFTs and his recent shift to metaverse related projects.

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