Episode 7: A living with Blender - interview with Sayan Mondal

This episode of CG talks - the podcast where CG artists talk about computer graphics is very special. We introduce an exclusive interview with Sayan Mondal - founder of blueinversion.com.

Sayan is a Blender 3D artist with (despite young age) quite a long experience in on-line tutorials. He was formerly publishing his tutorials and procedural shaders under a different name - Boundless Blending. His new rebranded channel Blue Inversion has up till now got over 6K subscribers and his best-performing tutorials reached over 55K views, and the count is still rising. He also had experience with podcasting which made the conversation a real pleasure for us and him.

The interview includes Sayan's origin story and how he decided to pursue his own path as an artist and entrepreneur instead of continuing a regular education curriculum. What led him to dive deep into procedural shaders in Blender. We talk about constant learning and improvement as well as art and important inspirations and role models. The conversation develops into sharing thoughts about the modern CG industry, young and older CG artists, and their pros and cons. Along the way, we touch upon topics like A.I. Crypto Art, Inktober, November, and NPR rendering.

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Fasten your seat belts and enjoy this inspiring ride with DJ, Michał, and Sayan Mondal!

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