Should you learn Blender for Archviz?

Learn about what Blender and its community have in store for Architectural Visualizers today, and how it might just be the best way for newcomers to transition into the 3d design business.
06/12/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through geometry

Our 3ds Max Optimization guide lets shows some geometry management tips to achieve faster and more stable rendering. fFr beginner and intermediate users.
04/25/2019/by GarageFarm.NET

Here’s why you’re not making it as a 3D freelancer

Freelancing is a trade that will not hesitate to eat you alive if you’re not careful. So, we’re here to help you overcome the obstacles of it.
04/06/2019/by Herald Sandoy
online render farms, render farm, cloud rende farm, render farm cost

How to use online render farms

An online render farm is an ideal solution for freelancers and studios who need access to more rendering power on demand.
02/26/2019/by Herald Sandoy
online render farm, render farm workflow, render farm tips

How to use online render farms part 2

We will go deeper into testing techniques which are a very important step of an online farm’s workflow.
02/25/2019/by Herald Sandoy

End of the year summary 2018

Last year saw many highlights, from some upgrades to our infrastructure to a long overdue get together for a big part of our team.
02/13/2019/by Herald Sandoy

10 tips for a faster Archviz Workflow, and better renders

This is the uncomfortable truth of the seemingly evergreen Archviz business, but it doesn’t mean you need to be a relentless CG mutant to thrive.
02/02/2019/by Herald Sandoy

Render Farm Software updates roundup August – October ‘18

Winter is coming, and we’re prepared! Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins for the months of August to October 2018.
10/31/2018/by Herald Sandoy

Render Farm Software updates roundup Jun-Jul ‘18

Here's the list of the new features we added to our plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Modo, After Effects and many more for the months of June and July 2018.
08/30/2018/by Herald Sandoy

Render Farm Software updates roundup Feb – May ‘18

Here are all developments our render farm plugins have undergone for the first quarter of the year! Featuring updates for Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4d, Modo and more!
06/27/2018/by Herald Sandoy

Rendering with the new LightWave 2018

We’ve integrated LightWave 2018 to our LightWave support! It features major overhauls, expanded feature sets, and a new physically based rendering system.
03/05/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
Software Highlight: The Foundry’s MODO

Software Highlight: MODO, what are its strengths and is it for you?

Foundry's Modo is one of the earlier additions to our supported 3d software. Learn about its tools and features in this little read.
02/23/2018/by GarageFarm.NET

Software Updates – Dec & Jan ’18 round up

December '17 & January '18 Render Farm Software Updates feature the improvements to our plugins as well as those fixes that have been requested by our customers.
02/22/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
stories from the farm

Stories from the Farm Ep.1: Michael “Quick ‘n Dirty” Konopski

Read the first of the series of episodes featuring GarageFarm's support team! Heroics, misadventures and funny tales are in store for you!
02/12/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
stories from the farm

Stories from the Farm Ep. 2: Getting my shi(f)t done

Farming requires focus and alertness, but there are occasional light-hearted conversations between farmers and customers, that make it fun and entertaining.
02/11/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
network rendering

Stories from the Farm Ep. 3: Network Rendering: A winding web of woeful nuances

Our third episode of stories from the farm. A tale of our human wrangler rolling up his sleeves, and getting the job done when automation can't.
02/10/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
Medical Visual Communication, medical animation

Medical Visualization Part 1 of 3

3D medical animation is probably the fastest, easiest, most detailed way to make patients, medical students, and laypersons understand medical processes.
02/09/2018/by Herald Sandoy
Medical Visual Communication, medical animation

Medical Visulaization Part 2 of 3: Uses

Know the different applications of Medical Visualization and just how in-demand this niche really is especially for 3D animators and motion graphic designers.
02/08/2018/by Herald Sandoy
Medical Animationt: 3D tools, workflow and need-to-knows

Medical Visualization Part 3 of 3: 3D tools

Considering jumping into the rapidly evolving market of Medical Visualization, here are some things to keep in mind to become a Medical Illustrator and Animator.
02/07/2018/by Herald Sandoy
BlenderBeasts 2017 roundup

Blender Beasts ’17 Wrap Up

As the Blender Beasts contest concluded, we happily present our top three contestants and their outstanding work! Honorable mentions also made it on our list.
01/19/2018/by GarageFarm.NET
Assembling a Rig for Cinema 4d

Assembling a Rig for Cinema 4d

In truth, a rig that would be ideal for Cinema 4d would be a perfect rig for any other 3d application. Here are a few things to consider before upgrading.
01/10/2018/by GarageFarm.NET

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through textures 1/2

Our second part of the 3ds Max Optimization guide focuses on optimizing raster textures for better render times. Great for beginners and advanced users.
01/06/2018/by GarageFarm.NET

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through textures 2/2

In this part, we will show you practical optimization techniques and tricks which you can apply on your everyday CG workflow.
01/05/2018/by Herald Sandoy
The 3d Freelancers Dilemma

The 3D Freelancer’s Dilemma

Planning to be a 3D Freelancer? Read to know the often untold side of 3D Freelancing and the ways you can survive the problems that come along with it.
12/18/2017/by GarageFarm.NET

Sep & Oct ‘17 Render Farm Software Update Roundup

Our Render Farm Software Update roundup for September and October 2017 features fixes and improvements as requested by our beloved users!
11/01/2017/by GarageFarm.NET

Blender Beasts Challenge 2017

Match your work against other Blender artists from around the world to win up to $500 worth of render credit here at GarageFarm.NET.
10/11/2017/by GarageFarm.NET

August ‘17 Render Farm Software Update Roundup

See a roundup of what our friendly neighborhood developers have been busy with for the month of August! Some exciting new features introduced!
09/20/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Half a million dollar investment

We put half a million $$$ into cloud rendering

We always strive to provide the best service. We are confident that the newer and faster hardware is a step toward a new future for cloud rendering.
09/10/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
cinema 4d render blender

Multi Camera stills in Cinema 4D

We’re excited to announce the latest iteration of our renderBeamer plugin for Cinema 4d, which now facilitates the uploading of scenes with multiple cameras.
09/07/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
Medusa’s hair is making fans see red

Medusa’s hair is making fans see red

Read our thoughts on Medusa’s hair from the Inhumans clip and why it is not an accurate representation of the physical properties of real hair.
08/17/2017/by GarageFarm.NET
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