June Software Updates

June Software Updates

Hey there!

Our developers here at GarageFarm.NET work tirelessly to make our plugins address any possible need you might have for uploading your project to our render farm. We thought it would be nice to share with you the latest developments that have been accomplished in the month of June.


  • added support for multiple assets with the same filename but different path
  • added renderSetup and upAxisDirection checking
  • Yeti cache output path will be cleared if no cache was used
  • fixed colorSpace texture bug
  • fixed the issue with coping .tx files
  • disabled the Arnold option for ‘Skip license check’
  • enabled the Arnold option for ‘Auto-detect threads’
  • set “verbosity level” in Arnold to ‘Errors’
  • added Arnold prompt about the ‘Feature overrides’
  • added support for assets files in .ass, .ass.gz (Arnold stand-is ) and .mi, mi.gz (Mental Proxy)
  • YETI PRE/POST MEL Vray scripts are now removed in Arnold and Arnold scripts removed in Vray
  • handled invalid output image prefix in VRay
  • fixed the issue with copying xGen abc
  • disabled the optimizer prompt
  • other minor fixes and improvements
  • added an option for vrscene export

3ds Max

  • Anima full support
  • changed the prompt text for Corona GI
  • added support for Corona LUT files (ext .cube)
  • fixed disappearing Max Listener
  • set bucket size 16×16 for strips by default
  • added vrscene export option
  • fixed settings for store direct light


  • Extended support for special assets in sub-folders (like mdd caches/abc files/GI maps)
  • Improvements in plugin stability & speed
  • Fixes for IES assets links

There you have it! Stay tuned for even more updates, and feel free to test the mettle of our plugins with your scenes! New registrees get $25 dollars worth of bonus starting credit, which is more than enough to render out a short sequence or a series of stills. Happy rendering from the guys and gals at GarageFarm.NET!

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