GargeFarm.NET QuickStart Guide

QuickStart Guide: How to render at GarageFarm.NET Render Farm


GarageFarm.NET is a cloud render farm that seamlessly combines fully automated process with human support. It offers professional rendering services to basically anyone who is involved with CG. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist, a student, a part-time passionate graphic designer, or a professional studio from the most remote place on Earth, we have sufficient computer power based in the cloud to meet your needs.

The farm runs on carefully selected and configured hardware all maintained by ourselves. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering high-quality, quick, and reliable service that is affordable. Our tech team is responsive, friendly, loves to solve problems, and is available 24/7.

1. Register

Open new account at You will receive an activation email from us. Remember, your account needs to be activated in order to use any of the tools.

GarageFarm.NET_Sign up

2. Download and install

Log-in to Web Manager (web dashboard) at and download the RenderBeamer software specific to your 3D app. The download link can be found in the Support panel at the left-hand side of the dashboard. Supported apps include: Blender, 3ds Max, Modo, Maya, LightWave, and Terragen.

Install the RenderBeamer software you downloaded and run the application once done installing. You’ll be then asked to log in. Use the account that you created in Step 1. Please keep in mind that the app should always be running in the background whenever uploading scenes or downloading frames.

GarageFarm.NET_RenderBeamer login

3. Set up and send scene

Directly from the 3D app, you can send your scenes via the new menu item in your app’s interface called ‘RenderBeamer’. Before rendering a full range job, you should send off a few test frames by setting a step (i.e. s10, s25, s50) in your frame range to see the results and to get the cost estimation.

3ds Max shelf example:

GarageFarm.NET_Max Plugin

You can learn more about the scene setup for each app and their specific modes on GarageFarm.NET YouTube Channel.

4. Manage your projects

After uploading the scene to the farm, you’ll see it along with all the project files in the Projects panel in Web Manager. You can either follow the link generated by RenderBeamer after the upload or locate the scene file in the directory manually and then submit your scene to the farm. You can choose between three priorities when submitting a job: High, Medium, and Low (more info on prices and priorities here). You can also view the current queue on the farm, which should help you inform your decision about selecting the priority.

If you’re a first time customer, you’ll receive $25 credit to test out our service.

GarageFarm.NET_Job submission

5. Review your frames

The frames are automatically downloaded to your local drive via the RenderBeamer software, so make sure you keep it running whenever you have jobs rendering. Check out the frames and, if all is good, you may now submit the full range job in the Web Manager by simply right-clicking on the job and selecting ‘Render full range’.


6. Get more credits

If you have used up all your credits, you’ll need to recharge your account to either continue rendering or to start a new job. You can make payments through the Billing panel in Web Manager. We accept debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and DotPay payments.

We offer discounts for all payments above $250 so please make sure to take a closer look at the table below and take advantage of it.

GarageFarm.NET Web Manager_billing

7. Support is always there

You can talk to GarageFarm.NET tech team at any time of the day. We’re there to help you with whatever issue you might have or to assist you whenever you need advice or when you’re simply stuck. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Live webchat: anywhere on our website or in our app
Email: garage(at)