render farm calculator

NOTE! The estimates provided consist of render times only

They do not include scene loading times, assets loading or any pre-cache for objects, and may not be accurate

Renders some frames in the scene on your local PC to get the scene's average render time. It is the frame time it should be put in the quote calculator.

Our estimator only applies to animated renderers. To continue calculating your costs:

First render the test image at 1/4 or 1/8 resolution. Then, multiply the resulting rendering cost by 16 or 64 to get the total resolution cost. These estimates are not accurate, especially for high-resolution images.

Some models may be placed in different categories (such as desktop, mobile, server, etc.), so please look through the list again. If the model is not in the list, select the closest model.

For Mac computers , check out this article to help you find a CPU model called "How to find the correct CPU model for your Mac"

The estimates generated on the calculator are intended to provide only an approximation of the costs incurred in the field. For a more accurate cost estimate, try to test render several frames in the render farm. After completing the test render, you can calculate the total cost and time by applying the render time of the rendered frame to the remaining frames.

The calculator displays the rendering time of the render farm in each case of 10 or 40 nodes or 80 nodes for the render operation, but this number can vary. It also displays the time only when the node is rendered. This does not include farm latency or thin load time.


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