frequently asked questions

where are you based?
how can I get started?
how can I send you my files?
which files should I send?
how can I get a price and time estimate?
your calculator says it would take 4h to finish my render, is that correct?
how can I pay?
when should I pay?
shoud I test the scene on your farm before committing to a full sequence render?
why is testing so important?
how can I know what's the current farm load?
do I need to upload my project again when rendering a full range after doing the test?
I have a new scene that uses the assets from the project that I already uploaded. Do I have to reupload the enitre project with all the assets?
how can I see the frames?
what is baking?
do you support additional plugins? what if I use a plugin that you don't have on your farm?
I'm not sure which priority to choose for my deadline, will I be able to change it later after I submitted the job?
do you have discounts for students?
what should I do when my scene fails to render?
I got charged for frames that were broken and are of no use to me. What should I do?