The power of collaborations in the digital world

The power of collaborations in the digital world

By Sabrina Facchetti

Collaboration over competition

As the digital and 3D world continues to grow and become an increasingly significant part of our daily life, the artistic panorama is experiencing an incredibly prolific moment. Artists of all kinds and styles, push boundaries and create amazing scenes in fashion, interior design, cinema, medicine, and much more. So many new fields are getting involved in the new digital era and this naturally leads to collaborations and crossovers between different disciplines.

Personally, I love collaborating, especially with people that come from different fields or are experts in areas that are not my strong suit. This is always an excellent opportunity to discover and learn something new and expand my knowledge, and also my ideas. Being exposed to a diverse panorama and creative scenario can undoubtedly stimulate the development of new concepts. Brainstorming with other creatives and joining forces can only be positive.

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Organization and collaborative tools

During collaborative projects, effective communication and sharing are crucial. Team members may not always be located in the same time zone or country, which leads to the need for optimized and efficient tools that can help manage deadlines, task lists, assignments, and progress tracking.

Tools like Google Drive or Dropbox are extremely useful when it comes to 3D assets creations since the materials can be stored and organized and shared with whoever is participating in the project. Meanwhile, tools like Trello, Monday or Slack are much more helpful for organization and communication. Lastly, Pinterest boards and Miro prove invaluable for brainstorming, mood board creation, and concept development.

The power of collaborations in the digital world.
An example of task organization with Trello
The power of collaborations in the digital world
An example of a Pinterest board

Tips for efficient collaborations

Collaboration and remote work have become commonplace nowadays, making it crucial to have both the right people for each task and the appropriate tools to stay connected and monitor progress.

I’ve been part of projects where the team was spread across the globe and each artist involved had to handle a specific aspect of the digital concept we were developing. What made these collaborations run smoothly and successfully was the fact that we had weekly touch-base meetings and reviews, during which a project manager collected information and feedback from the client. The project manager would then filter and organize this information, delivering it to each of us during our review meetings. 

All the assets were stored in a shared location, in our case, Google Drive, where we could access them to double-check, review or retrieve materials as needed. All the versions also were saved and stored. Not only this gives a perception of the history and evolution of a project but also helps to save time in case we need to revert back to a previous version for whatever reason.

Another way to make our collaborations successful and efficient, particularly when working remotely, was to use render farms. These cloud rendering services offered us all the tools we needed on a pay-per-use basis, making it very easy to prepare renderings or previews and share them with the clients and collect feedback during our team review sessions. By consolidating all the tools and resources we needed into a single, accessible location, we were no longer solely dependent on our machines. Cloud rendering streamlined our collaborative work, optimizing performance and making the process more enjoyable.

One of the key factors was also to help and support each other with honest and sincere feedback fostering growth and development both personally and artistically. Sometimes a new or better idea can arise from a conversation with a fellow artist, or during a review meeting where multiple perspectives can be leveraged to achieve a better final result. Additionally,  a more optimized workflow might emerge through periodic check-ins, allowing the team to share insights on their process and exchange solutions to the problems that someone else might encounter.

One of the most important qualities an artist should possess, especially when it comes to collaborations and team projects, is flexibility and open-mindedness. Sometimes we tend to fall in love with our ideas because they are like our babies and we become overprotective of them. However, learning to be more flexible and open to different perspectives is what ultimately allows us to grow and evolve creatively. We might also need to be flexible in terms of meeting clients’ needs and tastes. Sometimes, clients might change their minds or feel the need to see something we already know might not look great, but understanding that not everyone possesses our imaginative capabilities is essential.

The power of collaborations in the digital world
An example of a virtual showroom where different artists, including myself, collaborated on creating each asset. Courtesy of Balm Labs

Building positive relationships through collaboration 

Developing positive relationships with the people we collaborate with is vital for more successful and enjoyable projects. In order to achieve that, we all have to put aside our egos and focus on the common goal. It’s ok to discuss, compare things, review, and give each other feedback and tips, as long as all the team members are open to listening objectively. As mentioned before, sometimes we can become too attached to our ideas, which can blind us from potential improvements. Keeping an open mind, being respectful to each other, and sharing constructive feedback can only lead to better vibes while working, and, consequently a better final result. Ultimately, this will allow us to have more fun doing what we are passionate about.

We live in a fast-paced world that demands our best all the time. This can be very stressful if we isolate ourselves and rely solely on our own abilities. However, collaborating with others can lead to achieving bigger goals together, keeping inspiring each other and growing.

My advice is to embrace collaborations, reach out to others, and don’t be afraid to ask for their help.  They may be just as open as you are to collaborating on a project. Also, don't hesitate to ask for feedback from someone you admire and to give feedback to someone who admires you.

No designer is an island!

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