Render Farm Software updates roundup Jun-Jul ‘18

Render Farm Software updates roundup Jun-Jul ‘18

Hey Everyone!
Summer days are lazy days, but certainly not for us! Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins for the months of June and July 2018.

3ds Max

  • V-Ray for Max handling improvements: Better version checking, resolution settings with stereo cameras, Vray Proxies. Better support for older versions (i.e. 2.40.04). Better control for VFB’s render region.
  • Better Max plugin checking for 3ds Max 2019
  • Added support for ART Renderer
  • Fixed V-RayProxy assets handling
  • Improved handling of Phoenix FD caches


  • Added support for Xgen archives
  • Improved V-Ray Standalone Exporter
  • Added support for vrscenes as x-ref assets
  • Better handling of Maya PREFS
  • Improved handling of output paths
  • Added support for Arnold texture tokens

Cinema 4d

  • Improved Corona support: Render Limits, UHD cache files, “Calculate from Scratch” mode and LUTs.
  • Improvements to handling scenes using Cinema’s Tiles Mode: Better handling of base camera parameters when using tiled mode, blocked nonstandard camera usage in Vray which negatively affect rendering on the farm, added support for clipping planes, added prompts for unsupported features (i.e. render region) overall optimization
  • Improvements to handling scenes using Takes: Takes mode option in our plugin is now disabled for versions below R17.032
  • Better support for AXYZ’s Anima plugin
  • Prompt added for missing textures
  • Better support for HDRI Studio Rig
Greyscale Gorilla’s HDRI Studio Rig


  • Added support for v12.1
  • Improvements to V-Ray support: render passes, GI baking for stills, Camera Animation and Full Animation


  • Better handling of the AlembicMotionController file
  • Better handling of .mdd cache files
  • Better handling of open EXR outputs
  • Better handling of camera settings
  • Better handling of Turbulence FD caches
  • Updated support to up to 2018.0.6 for Win/OSX


  • Better handling of non-Latin characters


  • Added support for non-Latin characters
  • Fixed issues with output checking
  • Fixed SunShadow support
  • Fixed issue with exporting pages (i.e. animation is now automatically turned on for selected pages )
  • Better handling of vrproxy objects
  • Fixed issue with single page scene uploads

After Effects

  • Brand new support for Winows/OSX (minimum version 2015.3 (15.1.1.x)
  • Support for common output paths AND .mov format (on a single, fast node)

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