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Animate logos, make high-end transitions, create cinematic titles, make top notch VFX.
Take any idea and make it possible without hardware and render time limitations.
Finish projects faster, get more clients, and focus more on the craft.

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render AE projects in the cloud hassle free

GarageFarm.NET is a go-to cloud rendering solution for freelancers
and small studios all over the world. We started out as a Lightwave dedicated
render farm in 2010 and over the years have expanded our 3D software
support to now include most of the industry standard packages.

Our advanced Cinema 4D plugin combined with our simplified cloud
workflow has been a vital production tool/solution used by hundreds of
artists. The demand for 3D rendering in the motion design industry is
undoubtedly on the rise and so is the demand for high quality motion work
in After Effects


  • After Effects 2019-2022 CC
  • After Effects 16-22
  • Windows & Mac OS
  • Use our one-click AE plugin integration to send projects to the farm
  • Minimal configuration required - as simple as preparing a composition and adding it to AE Render Queue
  • Projects are checked, automatically prepared and sent over to the farm without manual configuration
  • Supported assets: layered PSD, fonts, sequences, videos
  • Fonts used in the project are collected and installed on the farm automatically
  • Render projects to different file formats: image sequences i.e. .PNG & .JPEG or to videos i.e. .mp4 & .mov
  • CPU rendering (GPU acceleration not supported)

supported plugins

*CPU enabled plugins only (GPU effects not supported)
Trapcode suite (11 tools)
Magic Bullet suite (7 tools)
Shooter suite (4 tools)
VFX suite (11 tools)
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Optical Flares
Using a plugin that isn’t on
the list? Contact our support
to see what we can do for you.

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