Software updates roundup June '20

Software updates roundup June ’20

Hey Everyone!

Summer days are lazy days, but certainly not for us! Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins and applications in June 2020.


  • We have added a new plugin to our farm – V-Ray scene. You can now upload any V-Ray exported scene and render it as V-Ray standalone.
  • If you’re using V-Ray with Revit, Houdini, Nuke, or any other V-Ray supported 3D application, you can now export your scene as .vrscene file and render it on our farm.
  • After installing the plugin and exporting the scene, just right mouse click on the exported .vrscene file in your file explorer.
  • The plugin will take care of the scene preparation process, relinking the assets, and preparing a scene for farm rendering.
  • Added auto-submit for Modo.

renderBeamer – install & startup tutorial

In this video, we are talking about the new renderBeamer (v1.0000+) installation & features overview. This video replaces the previous “download & install” tutorial.

renderBeamer – scene upload & frames download tutorial

In this video, we are talking about the new renderBeamer (v1.0000+) scene upload process, and frames download. This video replaces the previous “download frames” tutorial.

LightWave 3D

  • Added support for the 2020.0.1+ version.
  • Fixed issues with not relinked GI files.


  • Modo 14.0v2 is now supported on our farm!
  • Modo – workflow changes. We have changed the workflow for Modo scenes. Now Modo scenes are now saved with a .gfs file (settings) and don’t need to be parsed. This feature will decrease scene preparation time on Web Manager.
  • Changes in plugin workflow – now the user needs to configure all output paths including a direct path to output file and extension.
  • Changes are done due to new .gfs (settings file) & auto-submit workflow.

Cinema 4D

  • Fixed issues with not relinked & not uploaded X-Particles caches objects.
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly read V-Ray version.
  • Due to the changed workflow for Cinema 4D rendering, the tiled mode is removed (C4D R18/R19).
  • Fixed issues with ASCII coding.


  • Added warning prompt for V-Ray GPU rendering.
  • Fixed issues with incorrectly set layers in .vrscene.
  • Fixed issues with token < Layer > for older V-Ray versions.
  • Fixed issue with plugin error on V-Ray 3.10.01.
  • Fixed issue with EXR rendering in Mental Ray engine.

3ds Max

  • Fixed issues with .vdb caches not being uploaded (in the CoronaVolumeGrid object)
  • Added support for Corona 6.x


  • Added support for non-Latin characters used in project names.
  • Output padding is now automatically set to 4 numbers.

Xesktop – servers RAM upgrade!

Good news for those who use Xesktop – our GPU server rental service. All servers currently available on Xesktop have been upgraded with more RAM and now have 256GB. Increased RAM will make the servers more performant especially when more graphics cards and the “out of core” feature are in use.

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