Software updates roundup March - April ‘20

Software updates roundup March - April ‘20

We’ve thankfully managed to keep the wheels turning in the midst of this global crisis, and as we all move towards the light at the end of this particular tunnel, we’d like to share some good news from our hardworking devs from the past two months!

Web Manager

  • Added copy job path option (available under RMB on the selected job).
  • Added separate FPR (frames per render/execution) defaults and ranges for RedShift. Now, default FPR for RedShift renderer is 10.
  • Fixed missing ‘Add job as paused’ parameter on clone job.


  • Added support for starting downloads directly from Web Manager. To do this, just use RMB on the rendered job and use “Open Job in renderBeamer”.

The selected download will be automatically redirected from Web Manager to renderBeamer downloads tab.

  • The Auto-submit feature is now expanded. Users can set default priority and render nodes groups for auto-submit jobs. To do that, just open renderBeamer settings and use the “Edit” option next to auto-submit switch.

New changes in renderBeamer’s UI:

  • downloads are sorted by columns, each column can be sorted in ascending/descending order
  • new date column in downloads
  • option to launch renderBeamer on every system startup (Windows, Mac)
  • option to choose action on renderBeamer window close (minimize to tray or close application)
  • a new button (folder icon) to open downloads directories
  • download preferences window (default download directory) will now appear after the first application start.

More about renderBeamer’s new UI here.

  • Fixed logging into chat without “remember me” option.
  • v1.0001 is a minimal version to get all new features supported! We strongly recommend uninstalling the current version and downloading a new installer from the Web Manager.
  • Added “submit using Web Manager” option in the uploads context menu.
  • Added support for starting multiple downloads by selecting them on Web Manager.
  • Added auto-submit for 3ds Max and Maya.
  • Improved unselecting download items.
  • Authentication file for offline mode.


  • Added support for uploading projects with packed assets.
  • Added support for new Mantaflow fluid caches in Blender 2.82+.
  • Added warning about switch “Render Single Layer” (this switch doesn’t work from cmd line rendering).
  • Fixed copying fluid cache.
  • Added support for Blender 2.83 Alpha.

LightWave 3D

  • Fixed issue with copy sequence.
  • Fixed issue with MDD assets links.

Cinema 4D

  • Cinema 4D with Redshift render engine is now supported on our farm!

In this video, we will show you how easy the process is to get your renders done in a couple of minutes!

  • We have added support for Redshift & ProRender (GPU & hybrid configuration) render engines!
  • Redshift support also includes AOVs outputs.
  • Redshift Altus denoiser systems are blocked. Only OptiX denoiser is supported.
  • Our plugin supports Redshift assets linked to local directories, default Redshift \Cache\ folder and .lib4d paths
  • GPU render scenes will be automatically set to our NVIDIA Tesla K80 nodes.

Learn more details about the GPU farm here.

  • Fixed issue with ProRender devices settings switches. Override global device settings is always disabled now.
  • Fixed issue with HDRI file not relinked correctly when used as background in GSG HDRI studio rig.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect characters in takes names. The issue existed when takes names were including system characters like ? “ + / or other untypical signs. Now all of those signs are renamed to _ sign.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect links to OCIO files with Arnold renderer.
  • Added prompt for animated output formats (MOV/MP4/AVI). Now all animated output formats are disabled not only for main output but also for multi-pass outputs.
  • Added support for global search paths in Stage plugin.
  • Added support for PSB output extensions.

3ds Max

  • Fixed issues with removed V-Ray output extensions. The issue existed if “remove missing assets” option were used.
  • Fixed issue with reloading the wrong scene. The issue existed in some cases when plugin workflow was canceled.
  • Fixed issue with .vrimg extension causing render to fail.
  • Improvements in .vrscene export. Now, when base 3ds Max scene got missing assets, and its exported & rendered as .vrscene, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets” in exported .vrscene is set to 0.This will allow rendering plugin-exported .vrscenes with missing assets without issues.
  • Improvements in reading external plugin versions – Forestpack and RailClone.
  • Improvements with errors reading & prompt information for Anima plugin issues.
  • Fixed issues with reading used plugins in .max scenes (including Forest Pack/RailClone).
  • Plugins used in x-refs scenes are also included in the checking & gfs listing process.
  • Added support for Redshift renderer! Now you can render 3ds Max + Redshift scenes on our GPU render farm!
  • Redshift support also includes AOVs outputs
  • Redshift Altus denoiser systems are blocked. Only OptiX denoiser is supported.
  • Added support for 3ds Max 2021.
  • Fixed issue with & sign-in camera name. Now & sign is changed to _ sign.
  • Improved functionality for Corona+Strips rendering. Now strips usage got more detailed info and better setup switches.

SketchUp & Rhinoceros 3D

  • Improvements in .vrscene export.
  • Now, when the base scene got missing assets, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets” in exported .vrscene is set to 0.
  • This will allow rendering plugin-exported .vrscenes with missing assets without issues.


  • We have added support for Redshift render engine.
  • Redshift support also includes AOVs outputs.
  • Improvements in .vrscene export.
  • Now, when the base scene has missing assets, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets” in exported .vrscene is set to 0.
  • Added support for the Anima plugin.
  • Fixed issue with auto data window breaking strips merge job.
  • Fixed issue with wrong output path for GI cache files. The bug exists with GI Bake job in “Bake & render camera animation” mode and usage of the “multi-node bake” option.
  • Blocked Altus Denoiser output for Redshift renderer.
  • We have released three new help guides for our Maya plugin. Help guides are divided into render engines.

After Effects

  • Expanded support for fonts operations & macOS dedicated fonts formats – TTC/TTF.
  • All used fonts with the macOS-friendly system are collected and converted to Windows-friendly format – OTF.
  • Original project fonts are automatically replaced by the converted OTF version.
  • Converted fonts are uploaded to our servers, and auto-deployed on render nodes before the rendering process starts.
  • We are not storing, using, or selling any of the original user fonts.
  • All converted fonts are deleted from render nodes after completed rendering.
  • Expanded support for Cineware assets (.c4d objects).
  • All objects are relinked & uploaded now.
  • Fixed issues with “dot” sign in a project name and output path.
  • Fixed issue with the plugin not being able to work with an external drive & temp directory.
  • Other under the hood improvements & fixes (relinking & uploading assets, plugin installation issues, plugin startup issues).
  • We have rebuild workflow for uploading assets connected to render queue compositions.
  • Now, user can select if he wants to upload assets only for one render queue composition (a most common scenario) or for the whole project.
  • Plugin options are separated for 3 sections now – Collect All – which is uploading whole project data, Collect Smart – which is uploading data only for selected render queue compositions, and CostCalc – which bring up online render cost calculator.
  • Added functionality for reading fonts collections file names.
  • Improvements with fonts operations – fixed issue with error strings not displaying correctly, and better paths conversion procedures.
  • Fixed issue with reading frame ranges.
  • Fixed issue with C4D assets.
  • Fixed issues with copying & fonts operations on macOS.
  • Other under the hood improvements.


  • Fixed issues with reading the Terragen version.

Additional V100 nodes!

  • We have added two more V100 nodes. To use these machines, creating a new image is necessary. New images are backward compatible.

We hope these features make your next rendering experience with us even more streamlined!
Stay safe, stay positive, and see you soon!

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