Rendering software updates roundup October-November ‘21

Rendering software updates roundup October-November ‘21

Enjoy our next roundup of software updates on GarageFarm.NET render farm. The past two months have brought us many improvements to the 3ds Max plugin and renderBeamer. The development of our plugins for Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, and After Effects has continued and Web Manager has been updated to accommodate the changes in the plugins. With the release of v141, our 3ds Max integration and workflow has been improved significantly to give our 3ds Max users more control and reduce the overhead associated with uploading data. On top of that, renderBeamer now offers you even more flexibility and more automation through the expanded auto-submit templates.

New apps on the farm (supported apps)

- Insydium Fused package

- Cycles 4D

- Redshift for Blender

- Blender 3.0+

- After Effects 22

- Flares Wizard for Blender

renderBeamer app v1.306 - v1.309

- Combined workflow with the plugin for 3ds Max (v141) - along with multiple cameras, scene states and mode selection

- Auto-submit has been improved with app suggesting and additional features

- Optimized data transfer from API server

- Fixed "use scene download path" option when rendering multiple jobs from a single scene

- Fixed "open directory" option for long paths

- Added support for multiple cameras and scene states from a single scene in 3ds Max Mental Ray auto-submit

- Added mode selection (cameras or scene states) for 3ds Max Mental Ray in auto-submit templates

- Added multipass option for Cinema 4D in auto-submit templates

- Added a feature to use file browser from embedded plugin UI

- v1.309 is now the minimum required version to connect to the server

Web Manager updates

- Workflow updates in accordance with the new renderBeamer (v1.306) and 3ds Max plugin (v141) release

- Added a table containing the list of 3ds Max cameras and scene states in the job submit window. The render range for cameras and scene states can now be edited directly on Web Manager.

- You can now single click to edit the settings under the cameras, takes, and scene states

- Enabled output path editing for 3ds Max with Corona, Redshift, Arnold, FStorm, Mental Ray, Scanline & Art renderers

- Changed the job states names: active->activating, pause->pausing

- Enabled frame range editing for 3ds Max jobs rendering in "render as is" mode

- Job submit window is now scrollable

- Added captcha to login screen (for extra security against bots)

- Re-enabled login using e-mail (it was temporarily disabled)

- Added support for new the 3ds Max + Mental Ray workflow

- Added support for Redshift renderer in Blender

3ds Max plugin v141 - v145

With the release of v141, the workflow for 3ds Max with Corona, Redshift, Arnold, FStorm, Mental Ray, Scanline & Art renderers has been optimized to give you more flexibility and more speed.

Since our implementation of MAXscript on the farm’s backend in the previous release, we now have added ability to render multiple cameras and multiple scene states from a single scene for all major render engines in 3ds Max. Previously the plugin would process the scene and upload it once for every camera in the scene which meant more data to upload and thus longer upload times. Now you can render a project on a single scene upload. The plugin will process the scene only once regardless of the number of cameras or scenes states used in the project. All the necessary scene render data such as cameras, scene states, still shots/strips settings are now saved in the setting file and can be accessed directly on Web Manager without the hassle of multi-upload.

- Fixed Camera animation scenes created with scene states (Corona render)

- Fixed GI mode detection issues (Corona render)

- Fixed scene states names created with non-latin characters

- Fixed frame range detection

- Fixed issues with render elements saved per-scene state

- Fixed Redshift proxy textures issues.

- Added additional stereo output switch for V-Ray (in plugin settings)

- Added switch to save render elements in a separate directory

- Added new Max workflow (using MAXscript) for Mental Ray. New workflow supports: bake full animation, bake camera animation one node, strips, bake strips, render as is (also with user's GI), all from a single scene

- Fixed relinking Proxies with the same paths

- “save render elements separately" is now always set in Corona for exr/cxr/fxr when "Automatically Add/Remove Render Elements from Render Dialog" is not set and no Render Elements are added manually

Cinema 4D plugin v101 - v102

- Fixed issue with missing cryptomate pass (Redshift renderer)

- Fixed support for mograph external caches (.mog files)

- Fixed plugin startup issues (in Corona 7.2)

- Fixed the issue with copying anima project assets (.animpack). Anima 4.5.2 is now blocked due to faulty implementation.

- Added support for Cycles 4D renderer (CPU/GPU)

- Fixed Redshift memory settings issue. Now, the plugin sets the memory usage to 97%.

Maya plugin v109

- Added prompt for aiImagerDenoiserOptix option / removed prompt for default ArnoldRenderOptions.denoiseBeauty (Arnold 4.2+)

- Added “continue” option in the remove missing references dialogue box

- Fixed the issue with copying UDIM sequences

Blender plugin v66 - v69

- Fixed issues with LuxCore plugin (2.4+ versions)

- Added support for .mkv assets

- Added support for Redshift renderer

- Added support for Blender 3.0+

- Fixed fluid/smoke cache path relinking issues on macOS

After Effects plugin v22 - v23

- Fixed plugin versioning issues

- Fixed resolution validation issues

- Fixed issue with incorrect render queue item read by the plugin

- Fixed issue with a double space character in composition name

- Fixed plugin installation issues

- Other under the hood improvements and fixes

VUE plugin v9

- Added support for VUE Creator (preliminary support) on top of our existing support for Professional and Enterprise Solution

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