Render farm software updates roundup September - October 2023

Render farm software updates roundup September - October 2023

Introducing the updates that have taken place over the last two months on our render farm, we present new video tutorials focusing on Blender animation rendering and high-resolution still shots rendering. Additionally, our latest Web Manager and plugin updates bring significant enhancements, improving your experience across various 3D rendering software like Blender, Cinema 4D, LightWave3D, and 3ds Max.


New video tutorial - Blender animations rendering & plugin overview

In this video, we are focusing on Blender animation rendering and workflow overview.

Web Manager update - Blender multi-scene support

- We have introduced support for Blender's multi-scene feature. Projects can be rendered using two types of rendering modes: "cameras" and "scenes".

- You can easily switch between modes directly within the Web Manager job submission window.

- The "Scenes" mode is only available when a project includes the multi-scene setup.

- Otherwise, the Web Manager job submission window will only offer the "cameras" mode.

- The new workflow requires the Blender plugin at version v86+.

Render farm software updates roundup September - October 2023

Blender plugin v86 & v87

- Added support for Blender multi-scene setup.

- Fixed an issue, where the plugin did not handle simulation caches required for GeometryNodes.

- Improved support for Eevee renderer - sample values are now correctly read by the plugin and forwarded to Blender job settings on Web Manager.

New video tutorial - Blender - High resolution still shots rendering

In this video, we are focusing on Blender high-resolution still shots rendering with our custom distributed render system. 

renderBeamer v1.414 - v1.500

- Fixed privileges checking for network drives.

- Fixed logs sending for a significant number of files.

- Improved data integrity validation for uploads.

- Other minor fixes and improvements.

- Implemented architecture detection feature for improved installer download suggestions on macOS.

- Runtime updated to JDK

- This update requires a new installer from the website.

Cinema 4D plugin v132 - v136

- Added support for Cinema 4D 2024.

- Improved workflow for Pyro caches - plugin now checks for “enable cache” switch, cache path & cache sequence naming.

- Improved V-Ray render limits sampling values. Now, the plugin allows rendering with the time limit set to 0 if any other sampling limits are used. There is also an additional info prompt for such a case.

- Fixed plugin startup issues.

- Fixed an issue with reading the Redshift camera object. This problem occurred in Cinema 4D when using a language pack other than English.

Maya plugin v128

- Fixed handling reference assets.

Web Manager Update

- Zen and Revolut payment methods allow you to pay <10$.

- Increased bucket limit size to 8192 (Blender 3.0+).

- Improved support for Blenders Eevee renderer - now users can edit and clone render jobs. Web Manager also allows editing Eevee sampling settings.

- Added information about supported OS versions for the renderBeamer package.

- The macOS installers have been updated and are now categorized into two groups: Intel and ARM (M series).

New video tutorial - LightWave3D - plugin overview

In this video, we are focusing on farm render workflow with LightWave3D.

LightWave3D plugin v86

- Fixed support for.IES assets on macOS.

3ds Max plugin v172 & v173

- Improved Phoenix FD cache handling.        

- Fixed X-Refs merging issue.

- Improved support for PhoenixFD caches.

Plugin Spotlight

We are thrilled to introduce our support for the new Blender plugin, Procedural Crowds.This plugin allows you to select from a variety of crowd types, enhancing the liveliness of your 3D environments. If you're interested, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you in seamlessly incorporating this plugin into your rendering projects.

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