Render farm software updates roundup July - August 2023

Render farm software updates roundup July - August 2023

We are delighted to present the latest updates and enhancements to our render farm software lineup. We've been hard at work for the past two months, revamping your journey with us. Explore high-res stills in 3ds Max and Corona, and enjoy our updates. Discover enhanced Blender integration, novel V-Ray Standalone features, and streamlined workflows across Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, and Maya.


New Video Tutorial - 3ds Max with Corona Render - High-Resolution Still Shot Rendering

A new plugin video tutorial is now available! This video focuses on rendering high-resolution still images with 3ds Max and the Corona renderer.

Blender Plugin - v85

  • Fixed a plugin bug related to saving scenes with packed assets.
  • Improved integration with the Eevee render engine.
  • Added support for Blender 4.0 Alpha version.

Sketchup Plugin - v40

  • Added support for non-Latin characters in usernames and file paths.

V-Ray Standalone Plugin - v10

  • Added a prompt for using a two-point perspective camera with strips mode.

Cinema 4D Plugin - v130 & v131

  • Added a prompt for broken versions of Anima 5.
  • Added a warning prompt for unsaved changes in the scene when using the plugin.
  • Improved support for Redshift Irradiance files.
  • Improved support for Redshift proxy assets.
  • Changed version display in renderBeamer.
  • Improved support for Apple M CPU architecture.
  • Now the C4D plugin has separated libs for Intel & Arm CPUs.
  • There is no longer a need to run Cinema 4D on macOS with Rosetta emulation for any kind of scene scenario (like a scene with fonts).
  • Improved save scene warning prompt.

3ds Max Plugin - v171

  • Fixed support for BiFrost caches.

Maya Plugin - v127

  • Fixed a bug related to the still mode when using the V-Ray renderer.
  • Improved and optimized handling for .abc caches (eliminating duplication of files used as references).
  • Added a warning notification for cases when the "Include all light in each render layer by default" option is turned on in the render setup.

Plugin spotlight

We have officially added support for the Pencil+4, plugin by PSOFT to our list of supported plugins.

PSOFT Pencil+ 4 for 3ds Max is a non-photorealistic rendering plugin that excels in reproducing the visual qualities of pen-and-ink drawings, color pencil sketches, and even animation cels.

This plugin offers materials with a remarkably high level of expressiveness, enabling rapid and visually captivating line drawings. It can faithfully recreate the distinct flat appearance of cel-shading and the unique textures found in pencil sketches. With precise control over shading, it empowers users to craft presentations where specific materials take center stage. Pencil+ 4 opens the door to the creation of revolutionary artistic textures, ushering in a new realm of creative possibilities.

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