Render farm software updates roundup September - October 2022

Render farm software updates roundup September - October 2022

Enjoy our next roundup of software updates on our render farm. Over the past two months, we’ve been improving 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, and Rhinoceros 3D plugins. Read on to learn about the updates to Web Manager and renderBeamer and check our new video tutorial that focuses on Render as is mode with 3ds Max and V-Ray render engine. 


3ds Max plugin - v159 - v162

- Fixed scene frame range checking procedure.

- Fixed missing info about user paths in plugin logs.

- Fixed plugin script crashing issues.

- Removed TIFF output extension. TIF is still available.

- Fixed plugin script errors.

- V-Ray render limits are now saved in .gfs.

- Improved support for OSL assets.

- Fixed relinking assets with changed md5 name (from assets with untypical characters like Ó, É, Ç in the filename).

- Fixed resolution checking procedures for stereo rendering.

- Added support for Anima5 plugin.

- Added warning prompt for unsaved changes in the scene.

- Fixed support for PhoenixFD plugin.

- Added Ornatrix plugin version to .gfs

Web Manager updates

- Added checking for output paths length exceeding 240 characters in Modo jobs.

- Added an accounting email option in the user settings panel.

- K80 GPU node group is no longer available for Redshift versions 3.0.64 and newer

- Arnold nodes group lists are made with a new UI style.

- Blocked node groups switch when there are excluded node groups (Redshift renderer)

- Enabled extension selection when adding 3ds Max jobs. Selection works only for 3ds Max main output.

- FFMpeg jobs are blocked for single frame input.

- Xesktop - added email notification 1h before depleting funds.

- Fixed overriding value for tile size after changing the device to GPU-Optix (Blender 3.0+).

- Fixed CPU / GPU queue switch issues.

- Improved passing FFmpeg parameters.

- Added the Acquire speed parameter in the node group tooltips.

- Blocked the submitting option for .blend scenes that are added directly via Web Manager for new users who haven’t made any payment.

- Max subdivs and noise threshold limits can now be set directly in the render job window (3ds Max + V-Ray renderer).

- Improvements for FFmpeg jobs - reading render elements (3ds Max render input) & changing FFmpeg settings switch behaviour (from “Main output only” to “Encode all outputs”).

- Adjustment for submitting option for .blend scenes added directly via Web Manager for users without first payment has been blocked.

- Improvements for news/updates feed (alert bar refreshes every 5min/scroll to the last unread message/improved bell active state - flashes when news is published).

- Handled Corona "8 (Hotfix 1)" versions, they will now be correctly set to 8.1 instead of 9.

Blender plugin - v81

- Added support for assets with the same file names from different directories. If such assets exist in the scene plugin will automatically put them in a subdirectory.

Cinema 4D plugin - v115 - v117

- Added prompt for incorrect render camera ("default" camera view with "use as render view" switch).

- Added image prompt for GI saving error.

- Improved Redshift AOV support. Now plugin supports all available outputs combinations with main AOV switches (multi-pass compatibility/multi-part EXR) and direct AOV output switches for selected AOVs (multi-pass/direct).

- Added support for C4D 2023.

- Improved Anima plugin support - detection of the main plugin and anipack versions. Also, we added a prompt for 4.5.2 (broken Anima developer build).

-  Improved X-Particles plugin support. Currently, the plugin detects the XParticles version you are using better, and in case the version cannot be detected, we have added a prompt to select XParticles versions.

- Improved Corona render LUTs support & checking procedures.

Rhinoceros3D plugin - v36

- Fixed plugin script startup issues ('__ComObject' object has no attribute 'Plugins’)

New video tutorial - 3ds Max with V-Ray - Render as is mode

In this video, we are focusing on “Render as is” mode with 3ds Max and V-Ray render engine.

“Render as is” can be used as the default render mode for all kinds of scenes, as well as still shots and animations.

renderBeamer - v1.409

- Added showing transfer rate in bits per second.

- Added the effective transfer rate column (including compression) in the uploads tab.

- Added the size column in the uploads tab.

- Added the Acquire speed parameter (higher is better) in the node group tooltips.

- Improved color scheme.

- Removed unavailable links in the plugins tab.

- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Maya plugin - v118

- Fixed XGen paths relinking.

- Improved support for BiFrost caches - all types of BiFrost caches are now supported.

- Improved support for OCIO assets. OCIO from main Maya preferences is now hidden in the asset list.

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