Render farm software updates roundup November - December 2023

Render farm software updates roundup November - December 2023

Introducing the updates that have taken place over the last two months on our render farm, we present new video tutorials covering Modo plugin overview and high-resolution still shots. Additionally, enjoy a better experience with our improved Web Manager, renderBeamer and plugins, making your 3D rendering smoother in software like Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, and Maya. Join us in exploring these user-friendly upgrades for a more creative and efficient rendering process!


Cinema 4D plugin - v137 & v138

  • Our cinema 4d render farm has improved support for assets stored in the C4Ds database (previous .lib4d files).
  • Improved support for assets using assetdb:// paths. Those assets are correctly handled only in Cinema 4D R26 and newer, older Cinema 4D versions will now show a warning prompt.
  • Improved camera object recognition for Redshift renderer with additional C4D language packs. Now our plugin supports camera names in all languages from the C4D list.
  • Added support for camera objects saved as .abc assets.

New video tutorial - Modo - plugin overview

In this video, we are focusing on farm render workflow with Modo.

New video tutorial - Modo - high-resolution still shots

This tutorial focuses on strips rendering with Modo.

Rhinoceros3D plugin - v38

  • Added confirmation prompt when using the "single-frame output" switch.
  • Added support for Rhinoceros 8+.

SketchUp plugin - v41

  • Added confirmation prompt when using the "single-frame output" switch.

renderBeamer - v1.501

  • Added display of user balance.
  • Added display of user name.
  • Added checking for Windows reserved file names.
  • Added logging for successful login to the API server.
  • Other minor fixes.

Web Manager Update

  • A5000 node group is now separated into 1xA5000 and 2xA5000.
  • Added "available balance" which represents account balance with unbilled cost deducted.
  • Updated node stats in the node group on the hover tooltip.
  • Blender Eevee jobs now default to 1xA5000.
  • Maya Render Layers that were not renderable can now be set as renderable.
  • Improvements to setting frame ranges in Maya Render Layers / Cameras list.
  • Jobs exceeding 95% RAM usage on 62GB RAM nodes will now be automatically switched to 121GB RAM node group.

Maya plugin - v129

  • Added UI to turn on/off render layers and cameras and change their frame ranges. All values from the plugin are automatically forwarded to the Web Manager’s job submit window.
  • Improved handling for Alembic references. Now, the plugin copies ABC cache next to the scene if it is used as a reference.
  • Handled a case when a whitespace character at the end of the directory name would cause render output issues.

Plugin Spotlight


We're excited to inform you that our render farm now supports the True-Sky Addon for Blender. This addon, recognized for its capabilities in creating realistic lighting, clouds, and fogs within Blender Cycles, is now seamlessly integrated into our rendering system. With this latest support, you now have access to an extraordinary sky tool that transforms your Blender renders with stunning visual effects.

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